10 Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore

Singapore, known for its vibrant urban landscape, is also a haven for cycling enthusiasts. The city’s commitment to promoting a cycling-friendly environment has led to an increase in demand for quality bicycle shops. Whether you are a professional cyclist, a hobbyist, or a commuter, finding the right bike shop is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the 10 best bicycle shops in Singapore, each offering exceptional products and services to cater to your cycling needs.

1. Bikes @ Orchard – The Premium Cycling Hub

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Bikes @ Orchard is renowned for its wide selection of high-end bicycles and accessories. Their showroom features the latest models from world-class brands, and their knowledgeable staff ensures you find the perfect bike that suits your style and requirements.

2. Wheelers Yard – Where Cycling Meets Café Culture

Wheelers Yard stands out not just as a bike shop but also as a lifestyle destination. Alongside a vast array of bicycles, they offer a chic café where cyclists can enjoy gourmet coffee and healthy meals. It’s the perfect spot to discuss cycling tips and trends with fellow enthusiasts.

3. Tiong Hin Co Tyre – The BMX Specialist

Specialising in BMX and mountain bikes, Tiong Hin Co Tyre has been a favourite among adrenaline seekers for decades. Their expertise in high-performance bikes and modifications makes them a go-to destination for riders looking for durability and precision.

4. Treknology Bikes 3 – The Technological Frontier

Embracing innovation, Treknology Bikes 3 offers a futuristic approach to cycling. They are pioneers in integrating technology with cycling, providing smart bikes, advanced fitting services, and cutting-edge accessories that enhance your riding experience.

5. My Bike Shop – The Compact Bike Expert

Focusing on foldable and compact bicycles, My Bike Shop caters to urban cyclists. Their range of space-saving bikes is perfect for city living, offering both convenience and top-notch performance.

6. Cycle Project Store – The Custom Build Connoisseurs

At Cycle Project Store, the focus is on personalization. They specialise in custom-built bikes, tailored to your specifications. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure a bike that’s uniquely yours, combining performance with aesthetics.

7. Bike Continent – The Touring Enthusiasts’ Choice

For those who dream of long cycling tours, Bike Continent provides robust bikes designed for endurance. Their selection includes touring bikes equipped with cargo racks, comfortable seating, and all-weather durability, ideal for Singapore’s diverse terrain.

8. SGBikeMart – The Ultimate Marketplace

SGBikeMart is your one-stop-shop for new and pre-loved bikes. Their extensive marketplace connects buyers and sellers, offering a variety of options for every budget, alongside accessories, parts, and expert advice.

9. ProCycle Bikes – The Professional’s Choice

Catering to the competitive cyclist, ProCycle Bikes offers high-performance road and triathlon bikes. Their expert team provides professional fitting, performance testing, and personalised service to enhance your competitive edge.

10. The Urban Bike – The Eco-Friendly Option

Dedicated to sustainable urban mobility, The Urban Bike focuses on eco-friendly and stylish urban bicycles. Their collection includes uniquely designed bikes that are lightweight, efficient, and perfect for the eco-conscious rider.


Singapore’s top bicycle shops cater to a wide range of preferences and needs, offering everything from high-performance bikes to eco-friendly options. Each shop provides unique services and products, ensuring every cyclist finds their perfect match. For enthusiasts, commuters, or professionals, these shops offer unparalleled quality, expertise, and variety, making them the go-to destinations for all your cycling needs.

Remember, the right bike shop can significantly enhance your cycling experience, providing you with not just a bike, but a journey. Choose wisely, ride safely, and explore the endless possibilities that Singapore’s cycling scene has to offer.