10 Best Omakase Restaurant in Singapore

10 Best Omakase Restaurant in Singapore

Omakase” is a Japanese word that means “I’ll let the chef decide.” I enjoy this way of eating because it lets the chef show their skills and creativity. For me, the best part is the fresh ingredients. Many places in Singapore get their food straight from Japan several times a week to make sure it’s fresh. But it’s not just about freshness; it’s also about how the chef prepares and presents the food. If you’re looking for a good Omakase Singapore restaurant that doesn’t cost a lot, I’ve made a list of the 10 best places where you can visit.

Shoukouwa Restaurant

Shoukouwa Restaurant

When I think of exceptional dining experiences in Singapore, Shoukouwa immediately comes to mind. This hidden gem stands out not just for its superb Edomae sushi but also for its remarkable achievement of securing two Michelin stars within a mere four months of its grand opening. What’s truly captivating is the smooth collaboration between the genius behind Hong Kong’s acclaimed Sushi Shikon—a three-star Michelin establishment—and the renowned Emmanuel Stroobant restaurant group.

As I sit and watch, three dedicated chefs carefully prepare each dish right before my eyes, ensuring that my Omakase experience is nothing short of extraordinary. I’m particularly impressed by Shoukouwa’s commitment to freshness, evident in their daily imports of sashimi from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market, formerly known as Tsukiji Market. This dedication guarantees that every bite I take is infused with unparalleled quality.

Customer Review

Sharon Ho

“Falling in love for soft, melting sashimi on my sushi

I don’t usually eat sashimi cause I just don’t like them BUT with shoukouwa, each fillet was so soft that it almost melt in your mouth with the sushi soft rice, it’s something I hands down cannot resist! Terrific soy and I wished I did request for more wasabi on my sushi as I can take really spicy food. Real wasabi once again its’ spicy level is just like a hinge of ginger kind. I love the little yuzu, lime, salt element in different sushi which blend well with my yuzu wine since I wasn’t in a mood for beer. No doubt you should try beer with your sushi as it brings out better flavors. I ll be back for the shirako and abalone next time!”

Name Shoukouwa
Price Range Lunch: $350 – $520

Dinner: $520 – $680

Address 1 Fullerton Road, One Fullerton, #02-02A, Singapore 049213
Contact for Booking +65 6423 9939
Operating Hours Lunch: Tue – Sat (1 pm – 3 pm)

Dinner: Tue – Sat (6 pm – 10:30 pm)
Closed: Sun and Mon

Sushi Kimura

Sushi Kimura

I enjoyed experiencing Chef Tomoo Kimura’s culinary expertise, boasting over two decades of experience, including time at the Michelin-starred Ginza Restaurant. At Sushi Kimura, a modern sushi-ya, the ever-changing omakase menu, presented in traditional edo-mae style, is a delightful journey through handpicked seasonal highlights from Japan.

This 22-seater fine-dining gem, awarded one Michelin star, resides in Palais Renaissance and is a haven for omakase lovers. The meticulous attention to detail is impressive; from the hinoki counter made from a 150-year-old tree to noren fabric dividers crafted from 200-year-old kimono fabric in Chef Kimura’s family. Even the placements feature personally hand-carved stamps, reflecting the Japanese symbol for the current season. Sushi Kimura is a sensory delight where every element adds to the immersive experience.

Customer Review


“Equitable restaurant

This restaurant is going to be my no.1 favorite Japanese restaurant in Singapore.Chef Tomo is the best chef ever.I was excited for my next dish.

It is pricey but it worth and acceptable because this restaurant is fancy one.Anyway if anyone see my review please come and taste.”

Name Sushi Kimura
Price Range $180 – $450
Address #01-07, Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871
Contact for Booking +65 6734 3520

+65 8428 0073

Operating Hours Tue to Sat: 12.30 pm – 10 pm

Closed: Sun and Mon

Ginza Sushi Ichi

Ginza Sushi Ichi

Ginza Sushi Ichi comes to mind when I think of luxurious dining establishments. Originating in Tokyo’s vibrant Ginza district, this Michelin-starred restaurant has expanded to Singapore and Bangkok, specialising in tuna and sea urchins. Achieving the prestigious Michelin star consistently since 2016—seven times in a row—I knew I was in for an extraordinary Omakase journey.

What caught my attention was their commitment to freshness; ingredients arrive four to five times weekly from Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji fish market. Additionally, sauces are directly sourced from their flagship branch in Japan, ensuring impeccable consistency. While the upscale ambience might seem intimidating initially, any apprehension fades instantly upon encountering their warm staff and approachable chefs.

Ginza Sushi Ichi’s dedication to quality shines through, especially with its premium ingredients like bluefin tuna sourced from Hicho, a revered tuna distributor at Tsukiji Fish Market. The combination of excellence in ingredients and service truly makes Ginza Sushi Ichi a must-visit destination.

Customer Review

Shirley Kuo

“Great value for tempura omakase

It is a very small but cozy set up, The skill of the tempura is very good And the service is very good and patient, Explain of the dipping is very clear. I enjoyed the lunch omakase very well”

Name Ginza Sushi Ichi
Price Range $270 – $480
Address 320 Orchard Road, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865
Contact for Booking +65 6235 5514
Operating Hours Tue to Sat: 12 pm – 10 pm

Sun: 12 pm – 10 pm

Closed on Monday

Shinji by Kanesaka

When it comes to Omakase, Shinji by Kanesaka is a household name, so renowned that they opened a second outlet to meet the overwhelming demand. Remarkably, both outlets boast One Michelin Star each, a testament to their unparalleled popularity.

I find Shinji to be the epitome of refined Japanese dining in Singapore. This Michelin-starred gem at Carlton Hotel offers straightforward yet impressive menus featuring fresh sushi and sashimi. But I always suggest treating yourself to their delicious omakase sets, which promise delightful surprises. Keep an eye out for the sushi counter, a masterpiece carved from a 220-year-old hinoki tree.

Since 2016, Shinji has consistently earned Michelin stars, solidifying its status as one of the finest Japanese sushi restaurants in Singapore and beyond. The native Japanese artisan chefs prepare a delicious Omakase menu, skillfully blending age-old culinary traditions with a contemporary touch. For an extraordinary Japanese culinary journey, Shinji is undeniably a top choice.

Customer Review


“Amazing sushi experience!

Awesome, amazing, incredible. That’s how I would best describe my lunch. Real sushi. Fantastic performance by the chefs. The person who served me made sure I was satisfied throughout. Clearly knew what he was doing. Cuts of fish were precise and done with purpose. Outstanding experience.”

Name Shinji by Kanesaka
Price Range Lunch: $280 – $350

Dinner: $350 – $550

Address 76 Bras Basah Road, Lobby Floor, Singapore 189558

29 Tanglin Road, Lobby Floor, Singapore 247911

Contact for Booking The St. Regis +65 6884 8239

Carlton Hotel +65 6338 6131

Operating Hours Tues – Sat (12 pm – 10:30 pm)
For both Restaurants

Sushi Saito

Sushi Saito Omakase Restaurant in the heart of Tokyo is a true gem. I’ve heard stories of its renowned chef, Takashi Saito, and his dedication to perfecting Edomae sushi. This globally recognized restaurant promises an authentic taste of Japan, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to dine there. Sushi Saito’s menu is a masterpiece created by Chef Saito. The sushi, especially the maguro and uni, is fresh and unforgettable. What’s unique is the introduction of delicacies like abalone sushi and seasonal specials. For those with specific dietary preferences, Sushi Saito meets individual tastes, creating a personalised omakase experience that feels special and exciting.

The simple yet elegant decor and traditional Japanese elements create a calming atmosphere. I love how the cosy counter seating allows me to witness Chef Saito’s culinary artistry up close. The whole experience, from the ambience to the attentive service, makes dining at Sushi Saito truly memorable.

Customer Review

Don Swee

“The best sushi, probably in the world.

It’s winter season, snow crabs are back. All the fish are fatty, and Chef Yuji Sato (from Hokkaido) once again serves a magnificent Omakase course. They do have both lunch and dinner, both fine dining options, no ala-carte bowls. Every item is thoughtfully crafted from light to heavy taste, with palette washing in between. This is a prosperous location because even Golden Frogs appear!”

Name Sushi Saito
Price Range Lunch: $220 – $350
Dinner: $380 – $580
Address 6B Dempsey Rd, Singapore 247662
Contact for Booking +65 6971 8265
Operating Hours Daily: (12.00 pm – 3.00 pm, 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm)

Closed: Mon


Hakumai Sushi and Omakase positions itself as an affordable haven for premium Japanese sushi and sashimi, spearheaded by the experienced Chef-Owner Gary Ng, who previously worked at Singapore’s pioneering sushi restaurant, Nogawa. The atmosphere at Hakumai is unpretentious, featuring a basic layout with a sushi counter at the entrance and additional tables at the back for those seeking a more private dining experience.

At Hakumai, every piece of sushi is crafted with meticulous attention, using the finest ingredients from premium Koshihikari rice to specially concocted garnishing sauce. With Chef Gary Ng’s two decades of expertise, the sushi omakase is a must-try, offering an array of premium sushi, soup, and ice cream. Alternatively, treat yourself to the signature omakase for more substantial surprises, featuring seasonal signature dishes. Join me at Hakumai for an exceptional dining adventure that combines affordability with top-notch Japanese culinary delights.

Customer Review

Rbeka T

“Best Sushi Omakase!

This is the one of the very few places I go to for raw seafood; and it has not disappointed me to date.

Chef Gary is very attentive; he is happy to let you know what type of fish you’re eating.

The lunch sushi omakase is amazing; and the set lunches are great too. There is truly value for money here.”

Name Hakumai
Price Range $78.80 – $90+
Address 10 Anson Rd, #01-50A International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Contact for Booking +65 9061 6109
Operating Hours Mon – Fri (12–2 pm, 6:15–9 pm)

Sat (12–2 pm, 6:15–9 pm)

Sunday (Closed)

Sushi Masaaki

When I think of Sushi Masaaki, Chef Masaaki’s passion shines through, rooted in his childhood along Kyoto’s Kamo River. Even in his youth, his love for fish was evident, setting the stage for his culinary journey.

Upon entering Masaaki, its elegant ambience captivated me—pink Gucci wallpaper and room dividers resembling undulating mountains evoke a sense of serenity, reminiscent of a cascading wave of washi sheets. But it’s not just about aesthetics; Chef Masaaki Sakashita’s culinary prowess is truly mesmerising.

I appreciate the commitment to freshness; all ingredients are air-flown directly from Toyosu Market. This ensures every bite offers the freshest, most delightful flavours. Sushi Masaaki promises not just a meal but a thrilling omakase experience, reflecting Chef Masaaki’s dedication to both deliciousness and excitement.

Customer Review


“Exquisite sushi.

A very exquisite sushi/shashimi dining experience. A little costly but worth the money . It has only 10 seats and 2 dinner seatings at 6.30 and 8.30pm. All courses prepared before you by highly experienced and innovative sushi chef Masa. Book way in advanced – at least 2 months. Recommend the Ren menu – no choices except for 2 sets. A place for a special evening.”

Name Sushi Masaaki
Price Range Lunch: $220 -$280

Dinner: $280 – $380

Address 26 Beach Road

#B1-17 South Beach Road Singapore 189768

Contact for Booking +65 8688 1555
Operating Hours Lunch 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Dinner 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Ki Sho

Ki Sho is one of Singapore’s premier omakase destinations, where Yokohama native Chef Shinichi Nakatake orchestrates an exquisite culinary journey for up to 11 guests in an intimate Kappo-style dining room. While you won’t select your sushi, prepare to be delighted by the chef’s creations, including caviar with uni sauce and shirako tempura adorned with finely shaved black truffles. Trust the chef’s expertise for a memorable dining experience.

At Ki Sho, exclusivity reigns supreme with only ten seats available at the sushi bar and two private rooms featuring unique Japanese-style interiors. Ki Sho’s culinary excellence has garnered numerous accolades, solidifying its reputation as one of the best Asian restaurants in Singapore. Join me at Ki Sho, where every dish is a testament to precision, flavour, and artistry.

Customer Review


“Best Japanese in Singapore

One of the most memorable food experiences ever! Greeted by a doorman, set in a charming historical building with gardens, assisted by pleasant knowledgeable and professional wait staff. Followed by the most incredible Japanese cuisine.”

Name Ki Sho
Price Range $180 – $450++
Address 29 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228224
Contact for Booking +65 9061 6109
Operating Hours Mon- Fri (12–3 pm, 6:30–11 pm)

Sat (6:30–11 pm)

Sun Closed

Sushi Ichi

When I think of experiencing a traditional omakase that takes me back to Japan, Sushi Ichi Restaurant stands out as a reasonably priced gem. Trust me, it’s a steal! The Ulala set offers a delightful mix: a starter, seven pieces of sushi, a flavorful ikura rice bowl, comforting miso soup, and a sweet dessert. While you won’t get the full chef’s special during lunch, you’re still entrusting the chef with their seasonal appetizers and sushi selections, a true essence of omakase.

The restaurant prides itself on using fine ingredients and offering impeccable service. I noticed even minor details like how attentive the wait staff was, ensuring my cup never went empty. For those looking for value without compromising on taste and experience, Ishi is often hailed as one of the best omakases in Singapore. Plus, the artful presentation of dishes adds a touch of elegance to the whole experience.

Customer Review

Winnie N

“18th birthday

Celebrated my son’s birthday over lunch at Ishi. 3 of us had different lunch selection. I had the ulala set as I am a small eater and by the time I had dessert, I am already very full! Service staffs were friendly and attentive. Sashimi were fresh. Nothing too fanciful. We enjoyed our lunch.”

Name Sushi Ichi
Price Range $100 to $430
Address Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, #01-04, 320 Orchard Road, 238865, Singapore
Contact for Booking +65 6235 5514
Operating Hours Tue to Sat : (12:00 pm -02:30 pm) (06:00 pm-11:00 pm)
Sun: (12:00 pm -02:30 pm) (06:00 pm -22:00 pm)
Closed: Mon

Sushi Hachi

When I stepped into Sushi Hachi Restaurant, I immediately felt transported to the elegance of traditional Japan. It’s more than just a dining spot; it’s an experience. What caught my attention is that a whopping 90% of their fish is sourced fresh from Toyosu, Japan, ensuring top-notch quality. They even offer monkfish liver, a delicacy often considered challenging to find outside Japan.

At Sushi Hachi, specializing in Omakase, they’ve carved a niche as an “art restaurant” in Singapore. It’s a testament to their innovative culinary approach. For someone like me, craving not just fresh fish but a unique dining adventure, Sushi Hachi is the perfect destination. It’s where I can become absorbed in distinctive flavours and enjoy the essence of a true culinary masterpiece.

Customer Review


“Hachi for beef Omakase

If you go to Hachi, have the beef omakase. It’s wuite good, and relatively speaking quite reasonably priced compared to other options. Service is very smooth”

Name Sushi Hachi
Price Range $15 – $25
Address 735 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
Contact for Booking (202) 621-8499
Operating Hours Daily (11:30 am – 10:30 pm)

Do’s and Don’t for Omakase Dining

Do’s for Omakase Dining

Do: Eat Promptly

Enjoy your sushi while it’s fresh. Dive right in, savouring the warm rice and flavours without delay.

Do: Use Your Fingers

Sushi is often best enjoyed by hand. Whether handed to you or placed on the counter, feel free to use your fingers or chopsticks. Remember to place the fish side directly onto your tongue.

Do: Clean Hands First

If you receive a wet towel, use it to clean your hands. Eating with fingers helps maintain the sushi’s form and enhances the experience.

Do: Refresh with Ginger

After a bite, take some ginger. It refreshes your palate, getting you ready for the next delightful piece.

Do: Go by Color

Start with lighter-colored sushi and move towards darker ones. This sequence helps you appreciate the varying flavours better.

Do: Thank the Chef

If you sit at the counter, offer a respectful bow to the chef. It’s a gesture of gratitude for the delicious experience.

Don’t for Omakase Dining

Don’t: Use Strong Scents

Skip the perfume or cologne when dining on sushi. Strong scents can overpower the delicate aroma of the sushi.

Don’t: Take Small Bites

Experience the full flavor in one bite. Avoid nibbling; it’s crafted to be enjoyed all at once.

Don’t: Dip in Soy

At places like The Araki, there’s no need for extra soy sauce or wasabi. Each piece is already perfectly seasoned.


If you’re in Singapore, treat yourself to the amazing experience of eating Omakase today. The culinary journey of hand-picked and expertly prepared dishes awaits you, showcasing the finest flavours and seasonal highlights. Gather your loved ones, head to one of the renowned Omakase restaurants listed above and savour the artistry and precision of Japanese cuisine. Trust me, the joy of an Omakase dining experience is unparalleled, making it a moment to celebrate and remember.