7 Best Halal Steamboat Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, offers a plethora of dining options catering to various tastes and dietary requirements. Among the myriad of culinary delights, Halal steamboat restaurants hold a special place for those seeking a communal and heartwarming dining experience. This guide takes you through the 7 best Halal steamboat restaurants in Singapore, each offering a unique blend of flavours, high-quality ingredients, and an unforgettable dining ambiance.

1. Sultan’s Delight Steamboat & Grill

Sultan’s Delight is renowned for its exquisite Halal steamboat buffet, featuring an extensive selection of fresh seafood, premium meats, and a variety of vegetables. Their specially concocted soup bases, including the crowd-favourite rich beef broth and the spicy tom yum, are a must-try. The restaurant’s elegant decor and attentive service make it a perfect spot for family gatherings and special occasions.

2. Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat Buffet

Located by the picturesque Marina Bay, this buffet restaurant offers a stunning view along with a delectable dining experience. Marina Bay BBQ Steamboat Buffet specialises in Halal-certified seafood and meat varieties, complemented by a range of soup bases that cater to all palates. Their signature laksa broth is infused with aromatic spices, providing a uniquely Singaporean twist to the steamboat experience.

3. Broth Bliss Halal Steamboat

Broth Bliss stands out for its commitment to health and flavour. Their soup bases are prepared with fresh ingredients and no added MSG, ensuring a wholesome meal without compromising on taste. The restaurant offers an array of dipping sauces, meticulously crafted to enhance the natural flavours of the steamboat ingredients.

4. Heavenly Halal Steamboat & Grill

Heavenly Halal Steamboat & Grill is a favourite among locals for its variety and quality. The restaurant boasts a diverse selection of marinated meats, seafood, and vegetables, ready to be cooked in their signature broths. The ambiance is cosy and welcoming, ideal for a relaxed dining experience.

5. Spice Sultan Steamboat Kitchen

Experience the fusion of flavours at Spice Sultan Steamboat Kitchen, where traditional steamboat meets modern culinary techniques. The restaurant is celebrated for its spicy mala and herbal chicken soup bases, which bring a burst of flavour to every bite. Alongside the steamboat, they offer a range of grilled delicacies, making it a hit for those who love variety.

6. Ocean’s Treasure Halal Steamboat

Dive into a seafood extravaganza at Ocean’s Treasure, where the focus is on fresh, sustainable seafood. Their ocean-themed decor and under-the-sea ambiance add a touch of whimsy to the dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to quality is evident in their carefully selected ingredients and flavorful soup bases that complement the seafood perfectly.

7. Garden of Eden Steamboat Buffet

Nestled in a lush garden setting, Garden of Eden offers a tranquil dining experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their farm-to-table approach ensures the freshest vegetables and meats are served. The highlight is their signature herbal broth, which is both nourishing and rich in flavour, promising a steamboat experience that is both indulgent and healthy.


Each of these 7 best Halal steamboat restaurants in Singapore offers a unique dining experience, reflecting the city’s diverse culinary landscape. Whether you’re in the mood for a spicy adventure, a seafood feast, or a healthy broth-based meal, these spots promise an enjoyable and satisfying steamboat experience. Remember, the essence of a great steamboat lies not just in the quality of ingredients but also in the joy of sharing a meal with loved ones. So, gather your friends and family and embark on a steamboat journey that tantalises your taste buds and warms your heart.