All You Need To Know About Renewing Your Passport in Singapore

All You Need To Know About Renewing Your Passport in Singapore

Having a valid passport is essential for Singaporeans who wish to travel overseas. However, passports need to be renewed periodically. Renew your passport before the expiration date to avoid any hassles. Don’t worry, renewing your passport in Singapore is easy and straightforward. Let us guide you through the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience that prepares you for your next international adventure.

Eligibility Criteria for Passport Renewal in Singapore

Only Singapore citizens are eligible to renew their passports in Singapore. Permanent residents and foreigners residing in Singapore need to check with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) regarding passport renewal eligibility.

Fortunately, the renewal eligibility conditions for existing passport holders are reasonably straightforward for most applicants:

● Your passport should have originally been issued in Singapore for renewal eligibility.

● Passports can be renewed starting 6 months before the expiry date printed inside.

● You can also renew if your passport’s pages are full even if the expiry date has not been crossed.

● Lost and damaged passports also warrant mandatory renewals.

When it comes to minors below 16 years needing passport upgradation, there are some additional considerations:

● The legal guardian has to be involved in the passport renewal process.

● Minors’ passports require renewal every 5 years as their renewal validity period is shorter than 10 years for adults.

If you are a Singaporean citizen with a passport issued locally, renewal should generally be smooth sailing. Just account for the 6-week processing time when planning your travels. Reach out to the ICA helplines if in doubt regarding your specific case.

Other key requirements for renewing a passport in Singapore include meeting photo guidelines, providing accurate personal particulars, making the stipulated payments, and furnishing necessary supporting documentation (for minors, this would include their birth certificate)

Being proactive with passport renewal applicability cheques is highly recommended whenever possible. That allows sufficient processing time and helps avoid painful last-minute cancellations!

Documents Required for Passport Renewal

Documents Required for Passport Renewal

The key documents needed for passport renewal in Singapore are:

Existing passport: Your current original passport is mandatory for all passport renewal applicants in Singapore. The authorities will cancel this after the issuance of your new passport.

Digital passport-sized photo: A recent colour photo with a plain white background meeting the official photo guidelines set by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is required. This can be easily uploaded online as part of your renewal application.

Supporting documents (as applicable): Birth certificates for minors, previous passports, or police reports in case of lost passports are required during renewal. A higher renewal fee also applies.

● Payment proof: Credit/debit card details in case of online payment or other accepted payment modes if applying directly at the passport office.

Special considerations when it comes to document requirements for specific applicant profiles like minors and permanent residents when they renew their passports in Singapore:

● Minors need to furnish their birth certificate along with parent’s consent and supporting identification documents

● Permanent residents and foreigners cannot renew their passports in Singapore. They would need to contact their respective country’s embassy office in Singapore.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renew Passport in Singapore

Passport Application Via Online

If you want to know how to renew passport in Singapore it is easy to renew your passport in Singapore if you follow these steps for either the online application or via in-person application at the ICA Building.

Following are the steps for online application :

Step 1- Cheque eligibility criteria

Before applying online, ensure you are eligible for passport renewal. Key criteria are – being a Singaporean citizen with a valid/recently expired passport.

Step 2- Take a recent passport-sized photograph

Click a coloured passport-sized picture with a white background based on ICA’s photo guidelines.

Step 3- Ensure you have digital copies of documents ready

Keep scanned or photographed copies of supporting documents handy for upload. This includes existing passports, birth certificates (for minors), etc.

Step 4- Access the ICA e-Service portal

Visit the ICA website and access the e-Services portal. Log in with your personal SingPass ID for secured authentication.

Step 5- Fill out the online application form

Enter all personal particulars, contact information, passport details, application purpose, and delivery preferences into the portal form diligently.

Step 6- Upload passport photo and supporting documents

Attach the compliant passport picture, scanned copies of the existing passport, birth certificate, and other files as prompted by the portal.

Step 7- Select payment mode and pay a renewal fee

Choose your preferred payment method – credit/debit card, internet banking, or PayNow. Pay the $70 renewal fee via your selected mode.

Step 8- Review then submit your renewal application

Double-cheque all information entered in the form thoroughly before submitting it. Save/screenshot the reference number for tracking later.

Step 9- Receive a notification when passport is ready

You will receive an official email/SMS communication once your renewed passport gets processed and printed within 2 weeks.

Step 10- Collect your renewed passport

Visit the ICA office personally carrying your old passport. Remember to adhere to appointment timings and procedures for a smooth collection experience.

Passport Application Via Offline

Alternatively, if you want to know how to renew passport in Singapore offline, you can visit the ICA Building directly and submit your passport renewal application manually along with documents and payment. Here are the steps:

Step 1- Cheque eligibility criteria

Confirm your Singaporean citizenship status first along with other stipulated eligibility norms for manual application.

Step 2- Take a compliant passport-sized photo

Click a recent passport picture as per ICA’s listed requirements and print multiple copies.

Step 3- Prepare photocopies of documents

Take clear photocopies of your existing passport, birth certificate, overseas travel history, and other documents that may be needed to support your application.

Step 4- Visit the ICA Building

Head to the ICA Building on any working day between 8 am to 4 pm within their stringent operating hours.

Step 5- Take the queue ticket number

Take a queue ticket from the e-kiosk machines located inside the ICA building. Wait patiently for your number to appear on the display screens.

Step 6- Submit filled application form with documents

Hand in your duly filled physical application form along with original and photocopied documents to the passport officer.

Step 7- Make payment through accepted modes

Pay the $70 application fees via NETS/credit/debit card or cash at the counter itself.

Step 8- Note down receipt details carefully

The ICA officer will provide you with an acknowledgement receipt. Note down carefully its stipulated passport collection date.

Step 9- Return on a specified date to collect the passport

Revisit ICA on the fixed date carrying your receipt. Show receipt at the passport collection counter and provide biometrics as needed before collecting your renewed passport.

Following these application instructions correctly will ensure a smooth passport renewal for you in Singapore! You can also use the following tips for fast, successful passport renewals:

● Apply early, at least 6 months before expiry

● Carefully check photo quality as per mandated guidelines

● Verify form details for correctness

● Keep payment method ready

● Use SingPass for faster online applications

● Opt for post-office delivery to skip collection queues

● Furnish accurate supporting documents as required

● Ensure your passport has a sufficient validity period for destination countries

● Track application status online using reference numbers

Fees and Payment Methods for Renewing the Passport

As part of the passport renewal process, applicable fees must be paid at the time of application submission.

The current passport renew passport Singapore fees are as follows:

SGD$70 for all normal renewals submitted via online/postal channels

SGD$80 for in-person renewal applications made overseas directly at Singapore Overseas Missions

SGD$50 for the first replacement of lost/damaged passports

SGD$100 for subsequent replacements of lost/damaged passports

● No fees for renewal applications of infants below 1 year filed online

When it comes to making payment for renewing your passport in Singapore, you can select from the following payment options:

Credit/Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards can be used for online and in-person payments at ICA counters or AXS stations.

PayNow / Internet Banking: Instant bank transfer facility from leading Singapore banks like DBS, OCBC, and UOB. Available for online applicants.

AXS Stations: Self-service AXS kiosks across Singapore also support passport renewal payments via Nets FlashPay/ATM cards.

PayPal: Additional choice for only online passport renewal applicants.

Hence, payment mode flexibility varies across the application options chosen. Ensure you have a supported electronic payment option before starting your passport renewal!

Processing Time and Receiving Your New Passport

Once you have submitted your passport renewal application in Singapore through the appropriate channels, here’s what you can expect regarding turnaround times and collection methods when your shiny new passport is ready!

The average processing time for regular passport renewal applications in Singapore is about 2 weeks (10-15 working days), provided there are no discrepancies in the documents submitted.

For overseas renewal applications directly submitted by Singapore citizens to the Singapore Overseas Missions in their country of residence, the average turnaround ranges between 4-6 weeks.

During peak international travel seasons, processing delays of up to 3 weeks may be expected locally due to higher application volumes.

Applicants are notified promptly via email and/or SMS once their renewed passport is ready for collection. Those who applied online can also independently check their application status using their submitted reference numbers.

To receive your newly issued passport in Singapore once processing is completed, you have a choice between two collection choices:

Self-Collection: Applicants can visit the ICA Office during operating hours to collect their renewed passports once their appointment time is allotted. Mandatory identity cheques will be conducted during collection.

Representative Collection: If you cannot collect the passport, a representative can be formally authorised by furnishing an authorisation letter stipulating their details and identification proof.

For overseas renewal applications, the renewed Singapore passport must be collected in person from the respective Singapore Overseas Mission only.

Following proper procedures for secure collection or authorising others to collect sensitive documents like passports helps ensure seamless reception of your renewed passport from ICA.


Renewing your passport is vital for frequent travellers and all Singaporeans who need valid overseas travel documentation. By following the above guidelines related to renewal eligibility, documents required, the application process, fees, and processing protocols, you get your answer on how to renew a passport in Singapore, and you can renew a passport in Singapore very smoothly, conveniently, and timely.

Ensure you apply several months in advance and diligently furnish accurate details/documentation at each step. Opting for the speedier online renewal channel also saves precious time, backed by award-winning public digital services. Pay close attention to the stipulated collection protocols once approvals come through.

Bon voyage with your fresh new passport as you embark on your next adventure! Do contact official ICA channels for assistance if faced with any application or renewal challenges.