Top Bakery In Singapore To Satisfy Your Cravings For Delicious Carbs

Top Bakery In Singapore To Satisfy Your Cravings For Delicious Carbs

Do you like carbohydrates, and bread in particular, to a great extent? We are as well! We are unable to let anything stand in the way of our baguettes, buns, croissants, pastries, and anything else that we like. Are you a fan of having sourdough? We are not alone. We are fortunate to be food-crazy. Exceptional bakeries in Singapore that provide handmade baked goods of the highest quality are always expanding their offerings. Now that we’ve had some time to eat…

Best bakeries in Singapore

1. Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Does your mouth water for some freshly baked treats? Allow this San Francisco-based specialty bakery to put an end to all of your desires for carbohydrates. This bakery is credited with being the originator of the concept of cruffins, and it offers a wide variety of handmade pastries, ranging from thick cookies to flaky croissants. What about the cherry on top of the cake? Every single baked treat is crafted by the crew over the course of a staggering seventy-two hours, using only the highest quality ingredients.

The brioche donuts, which are airy and hand-rolled, are our top choice for this category. These delectable confections are available in a variety of seasonal flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and white chocolate peppermint, and they are filled with scrumptious curds, creams, and jams. The box of bestsellers, which includes chocolate chunk cookie, butter croissant, and pistachio cruffin, is an excellent choice for a decadent treat since it has all three of these delicious treats. Oh, just thinking about them is making us hungry at this very now…

Mr Holmes Bakehouse, order online and at multiple locations including Orchard Central and Pacific Plaza

2. Park Backerei

When we had the pastries at Park Backerei for the first time, we were so impressed that we couldn’t get enough of them. At this point, we are talking about true German pretzels and rolls that are glossy, salty, and very soft. Before moving to Singapore to begin a new chapter in its history, the company was first established in Hong Kong, where it achieved tremendous success. A yearning has already set in for the classic Laugen pretzels, which are characterized by having a chewy texture on the interior, a crispy outside, and the appropriate quantity of salt sprinkled on top.

Park Backerei, #01-41/42/52/53, Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877

3. Origin + Bloom

When you are in Marina Bay Sands and the pangs of hunger are calling, you should go to Origin + Bloom to have cold-drip coffees, gourmet bread, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Pecan nut raisin, turmeric sunflower seed, and banana walnut bread are just few of the kinds of bread that can be found at this exceptional shop. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a couple of croissants and sandwiches loaded with pastrami or smoked salmon while you are there.

Origin + Bloom, Tower 3 Lobby, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

4. Le Matin Patisserie

The word “morning” is translated as “matin” in French, and Mohamed Al-Matin, a pastry chef who has received a Michelin star, says that pastries discovered him. Le Matin boxes are available in a variety of flavors, including sweet, savory, and cake. There is also a package of twelve pieces of the bakery’s distinctive kouign amann that is ideal for sharing, which is available for those who are fans of the pastry. You will get a whole gourmet experience in a box that is inspired by the travels of chef Matin. This product will be launched in limited numbers.

Le Matin Patisserie, B2-49, Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

5. Pullman Bakery

There is no doubt that Japanese bakeries are among the top contenders for the title of finest in town when it comes to baked goods and pastries. Pullman Bakery is not an exception for having its roots in Hokkaido, which is located in Japan. Stop into this bakery for some mouthwatering freshly baked goods that are prepared utilizing time-honored, handmade recipes. It is highly recommended that you try its well-known Hokkaido curry buns, which are made of dough that has been deep-fried and is filled with sweet and savoury curry as well as potato pieces. Do you have a need for anything sweet? Make sure to get the nama chocolate pan, the sweet potato donut, and the pear danish.

Pullman Bakery, multiple locations including Millenia Walk and 100 AM

6. Tai Cheong Bakery

Cronuts and cruffins are treats that we adore. However, Tai Cheong Bakery never fails to satisfy our cravings for a flavor of the past whenever we are in the mood for it. Since the year 2016, this contemporary cha chaan teng has been providing customers with freshly baked Hong Kong pastries such as chicken pies, egg tarts, and bolo buns. In this establishment, you may satisfy your cravings for egg tarts, which are available in a wide range of flavors, including coconut, durian and cheese, and pandan. The buttered toasted bun with condensed milk and the coconut and cream bun are two more favorites that should not be out of the question.

Tai Cheong Bakery, multiple locations including Holland Village and Takashimaya

7. Keong Saik Bakery

When you take a mouthful from this well-known bakery, which combines the finest of both tradition and innovation, you will be transported back in time. You may satisfy your cravings for regionally inspired baked goods by indulging in the orh nee tart, chendol cake, ondeh Swiss roll, and chilli crab Danish, among other options. There is also the distinctive sor hei pastry, which is worthy of notice since it is a tribute to the tenacious ma jies, who are Singaporean women who worked as domestic maids in the past. Take it from us: this buttery and flaky pastry is deserving of all the attention it has received.

Keong Saik Bakery, multiple locations including Bendemeer Road and Holland Village

8. Balmoral Bakery

In the 1960s, this bakery was established, and ever since then, it has maintained its towering presence, retaining all of its brick-walled antique beauty. In the event that you have a passion for traditional pastries, this is the ideal location for you. Pay a visit to the bakery to purchase typical pastries as well as sweets that are difficult to locate, such as the rum ball and the cream horn, which is a pastry cone topped with buttercream and maraschino cherry. Make sure you sample the chicken pie and samosas before you leave the restaurant.

Balmoral Bakery, #01-06, Sunset Way Residence, 105 Clementi Street 12, Singapore 120105

9. Bakery Brera & Fine Foods

There is a good reason why Bakery Brera is so famous; it is one of our favorite places to get handmade bread, pastries, cakes, and tart treats. Fresh and high-quality ingredients are used in the preparation of its sweets, and the flavors are just perfect! Cruffins, croissants, burned cheesecakes, and the oh-so-sweet kouign amann are some of the items on the menu that you really must check out.

Bakery Brera & Fine Foods, #01-05, Empress Market, 8 Empress Road, Singapore 260008

10. Mother Dough Bakery

The fermentation starter or sourdough culture that is used in the process of bread production is referred to as “mother dough.” Trust that Naadhira, the proprietor and baker of the shop, who honed her abilities in bread baking in New York, would include a reference to dough into the name of her business. We beg you to visit the bakery’s Instagram page and to refrain from becoming hungry for some freshly baked goods, which include anything from cookies and cakes to brioche loaves that are really stunning. Additionally, we are now able to get our croissants directly from the producers at any moment.

Mother Dough Bakery, 3 Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199259

11. The Fat Kid Bakery

The self-taught baker Ariel Tang, who began gaining experience in the kitchen ten years ago, is the one who is responsible for bringing you this bakery in Singapore. Following her success in preparing delicious treats for her family and friends, she has expanded her range of baked goods to include milk loaf bread, eclairs, cookies, and brownies respectively. Also, you can’t leave this place without trying the sourdough bombos. Whether you choose the sweet or savory choice, you will not be disappointed.

The Fat Kid Bakery, 39 Amoy Street, Singapore 069865

12. The Bakehaus

This warm and inviting establishment is located in Farrer Park, and it is well-known and cherished by the local community for its freshly baked pastries and sourdough breads. When you walk through the door, you will always be greeted with a nice surprise since the menu is always being updated. For breakfast, you should have some traditional bagels or croissants. If that is not the case, you should purchase yourself a delicious treat such as triple chocolate brownies with LSD (which stands for liquid sourdough) or maple pecan tarts.

The Bakehaus, 130 Owen Road, Singapore 218394

13. Starter Lab

After developing a cult following for its sourdough bread at its flagship shop in Bali, Starter Lab is now gathering popularity here in Singapore, where it is making its maiden entry into the market. If you want to know what all the fuss is about, you should try some of the pastries and sandwiches.

Starter Lab, 721 Havelock Road, Singapore 169645

14. Nick Vina Artisan Bakery

Nick Chua, an artisan baker, had his training in Hanover and then set out on his own to become an expert in the art of breadmaking. However, it has definitely been worthwhile since the bread that they sell here is just remarkable. One of our particular favorites is the ‘Rusti’ loaf, which is a loaf that is topped with seeds and is always devoured on the same day they are made. Additionally, the bakery is known for its exceptional baguettes and 100% German rye bread. Yummy!

Nick Vina Artisan Bakery, #01-54/55, Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877

15. Bread & Hearth

Adopting age-old bread-making techniques, the bakes and goods of Bread & Hearth yield a real distinct flavour. Besides good focaccias and ciabattas, it’s also a good place to have a good and hearty breakfast. Tuna sandwiches, quiches, and avocado and bacon eggs benedict – you’re pretty set for the weekend.

Bread & Hearth, #02-27, Katong V, 30 East Coast Road, Singapore 428751

You now know where to go in Singapore for the best bread and sweets the next time you’re hungry of them!