Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Singapore

Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore boasts a diverse international culinary landscape, featuring Japanese, Thai, Peranakan, and many more cuisines. However, our special affection lies with Chinese cuisine, especially the delectable dim sum. There’s an undeniable comfort in gathering with loved ones around a lazy susan for a shared feast. Feeling hungry already? We thought you might be. Here are our top recommendations for Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

1. Yellow Pot

Yellow Pot, located in the vibrant Tanjong Pagar area, offers a contemporary twist on traditional Chinese flavors. Situated within the award-winning Duxton Reserve, Autograph Collection, it provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for a rich culinary experience. The restaurant’s luxurious ambiance, featuring striking black, gold, and yellow decor, is a testament to the renowned British designer Anouska Hempel’s creative vision, which extends throughout the hotel.

Let’s delve into the menu: Yellow Pot prides itself on serving delectable dishes crafted from fresh and natural ingredients, without the use of MSG, additives, or artificial flavorings. Notable highlights include the roast duck, marinated for two days in a fermented beancurd paste and then expertly roasted over hickory wood. The result is aromatic and tender meat with a perfectly crispy skin. Another must-try is the Australian beef tenderloin cubes, cooked to perfection and served with a fiery black pepper sauce. Additionally, the seared Canadian scallop paired with Inaniwa thin udon in a rich tonkatsu broth is a delightful choice.

For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert offerings are equally enticing. Options include roselle jelly with osmanthus honey, complemented by refreshing lychee pops and aloe vera. Alternatively, indulge in the crispy pancake filled with semi-sweet red bean paste—a delightful finale to your culinary journey at Yellow Pot.

Yellow Pot, Duxton Reserve, Autograph Collection, 83 Duxton Road, Singapore 089540

2. Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

If you’re in search of the perfect venue for your next family gathering, business lunch, or birthday celebration, look no further. You’ll find yourself right at home here. Indulge in contemporary Cantonese cuisine crafted from the freshest ingredients. Our menu features crowd-pleasers like homestyle roast duck infused with tea leaves, poached rice accompanied by seafood in a flavorful superior broth (served with crispy rice), stir-fried wagyu beef cubes, and crispy roast pork served with a tantalizing mustard dip. For dessert, treat yourself to delectable bites of deep-fried sesame balls filled with red bean and chocolate liqueur.

For those planning a lunch date, be sure not to miss our classic dim sum offerings, including yam dumplings filled with chicken and seafood, salted egg yolk custard buns, and double-boiled dumpling soup brimming with crab meat and dried scallops. We also offer vegetarian and celebratory set menus suitable for every occasion, and you can even reserve one of our five charming private dining rooms for a more intimate experience.

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, 317 Outram Road, Singapore 169075

3. 5 ON 25

Experience the exquisite flavors of Cantonese cuisine at 5 ON 25, located in Andaz Singapore. Named after the five senses, this dining destination offers a sensory treat for both your eyes and your taste buds. The space has been artfully designed by Hong Kong-based interior architect André Fu, renowned for his work on the hotel’s rooms and public areas. You can expect a bright, airy, and upscale dining room exuding sophistication. And, if you’re planning an event, there are two private dining suites available for booking, accommodating groups of eight and twelve.

Prepare your palate for a delectable Cantonese menu curated by Head Chef Lim Hong Lih, featuring a selection of premium ingredients prepared with a creative twist. Highlights include succulent duck meat smoked with jasmine tea leaves, fried bird’s nest with Sri Lankan crabmeat, beansprouts, and superior stock, among others. Keep an eye out for new additions like the crispy fried codfish fillet with black vinegar sauce and the fried South African abalone with peppercorn. Additionally, be sure to explore the monthly specials for delightful surprises.

For a leisurely brunch, don’t miss the Weekend Dim Sum Club, offering classic steamed dumplings and fried delicacies. Complement your meal with a choice of wine or sake, or opt for the free-flow beverage package at $88 per person, which includes champagne, wine, beer, and organic sparkling tea from Copenhagen. At 5 ON 25, you’re in for a memorable culinary journey that tantalizes all your senses.

5 ON 25, Level 25, Andaz Singapore, 5 Fraser Street, Singapore 189354

4. Tien Court Restaurant

For an authentic dining experience that pays homage to the rich heritage of Cantonese-Teochew cuisine, Tien Court Restaurant at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore is your ideal choice. Led by the award-winning Master Chef Lui from Hong Kong, this restaurant promises a tantalizing journey through oriental delights and an unforgettable dim sum experience.

Among the signature dishes, the braised white teat sea cucumber in oyster sauce stands out. This savory creation offers a harmonious blend of textures and flavors from the sea. Another highlight is the pomfret fish with tomato and pickled vegetables, a timeless dish featuring tender fish bathed in a mildly tangy sauce. And no visit is complete without savoring the handcrafted dim sum; the deep-fried glutinous rice dumpling with minced chicken is a must-try, providing a delightful crispy exterior that gives way to a savory filling.

With a diverse menu of delectable dishes, Tien Court Restaurant offers an array of culinary treasures to explore. Whether you’re seeking a casual meal or an intimate dining experience, there’s something for everyone. Plus, for those special occasions, private rooms are available for reservation. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the richness of Cantonese-Teochew cuisine.

Tien Court Restaurant, 2F Copthorne King’s Hotel, 403 Havelock Road, Singapore 169632

5. Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant

Discover this hidden gem tucked away on the second floor of the Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy in Katong. If you’re an East-sider with a hankering for Chinese cuisine, you’ve just found your go-to spot. Here, you can anticipate innovative dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients, with a commitment to sourcing locally whenever possible.

When it comes to dim sum, you won’t want to miss the crispy prawn rice roll, butterfly pea har gow, and purple sweet potato puff – all offering unique and delightful flavors. For your main course, be sure to indulge in the aromatic wok-fried A4 wagyu striploin with fresh wasabi and the irresistible crispy Iberico pork collar paired with a sweet and sour hawthorn sauce. These dishes are sure to leave your taste buds craving for more.

Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant, Grand Mecure Singapore Roxy, Level 2, Roxy Square, 50 East Coast Road, Singapore 428769

6. Yan

Yan is a standout choice for those seeking an authentic Cantonese dining experience in Singapore. Located within the National Gallery, it offers a combination of an enticing menu, a stylish ambiance, and a prime rooftop setting, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists alike.

Indulge in their renowned dishes, including the irresistible Peking roast duck, succulent suckling pig, flavorful lobster porridge with clams, and the delightful wok-fried Sri Lankan crab paired with pan-fried cheong fun and pork lard sauce. And when it comes to dim sum, Yan’s excellent lineup is something you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply looking for an exquisite dining experience, Yan is the perfect destination for Cantonese fine dining in Singapore.

Yan, #05-02, National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957

7. Madame Fan

Madame Fan is an exquisite and elegant restaurant renowned for its impeccable presentation of Cantonese classics, making it a top choice among our favorites. The menu features delectable dishes such as the steamed soon hock, Hong Kong-style lobster, and double-boiled kampung chicken soup, all of which are sure to delight your palate.

If you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, their lineup of east-meets-west cocktails is sure to impress. And for a fantastic weekend kickoff, don’t pass up the opportunity to indulge in their cocktail dim sum brunch. Madame Fan offers a perfect blend of culinary excellence and an inviting ambiance, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable dining experience.

Madame Fan, The NCO Club, 32 Beach Road, Singapore 189764

8. Mott 32

If you’re looking to make the most of your day at Marina Bay Sands, make sure to include a dining experience at Mott 32. This acclaimed restaurant seamlessly combines elements of the East and the West, featuring industrial New York designs, classical Chinese decor, and an array of authentic culinary delights.

At Mott 32, you’ll have the opportunity to savor dishes that carry the essence of generations-old recipes, prepared using innovative and modern cooking techniques. Among their exceptional offerings, we highly recommend trying the applewood-roasted Peking duck, a culinary masterpiece that defies description with its incredible flavor and quality. A visit to Mott 32 promises not only a feast for the senses but also a memorable dining experience that beautifully blends tradition and innovation.

Mott 32, #B1-41/42, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

9. Shang Social

Indulge in an authentic and contemporary Chinese culinary journey encompassing Cantonese, Huaiyang, and Sichuan cuisines all in one place – Shang Social. This establishment offers a menu crafted by the renowned master chefs of Shangri-La, ensuring each dish is a masterpiece in its own right.

Some of the crowd-pleasers at Shang Social include the delectable house-smoked chicken, the tantalizing eight treasures tofu pudding, and the comforting double-boiled chicken soup. With a commitment to excellence and a blend of culinary traditions, Shang Social guarantees a dining experience that is both memorable and flavorful.

Shang Social, #01-219 to 222, Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666

10. Hai Tien Lo

Hai Tien Lo captivates us with its timeless recipes and Cantonese delicacies, all presented in a breathtaking setting. The restaurant offers an array of culinary delights, from the crispy barbecued suckling pig stuffed with prawn paste to a tempting selection of fresh seafood and delectable meats.

When it comes to dim sum, Hai Tien Lo truly excels, offering a brunch buffet experience that stands out. To elevate your dining experience, consider pairing it with unlimited champagne and wine. In summary, Hai Tien Lo offers a blend of classic Cantonese dishes and an elegant ambiance that’s simply unparalleled.

Hai Tien Lo, Level 3, Pan Pacific Singapore, Marina Square, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595


Singapore boasts a vibrant culinary scene with an array of restaurants offering authentic and diverse Chinese cuisine. From the rich heritage of Cantonese-Teochew dishes to modern interpretations of classic recipes, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re seeking exquisite dim sum, succulent meats, or delightful seafood, these restaurants offer a feast for the senses. So, explore these culinary gems and embark on a delectable journey through the flavors of Chinese cuisine in Singapore.