Best Fitness Centres To Find Personal Trainers In Singapore

Best Fitness Centres To Find Personal Trainers In Singapore

There are more types of personal trainers in Singapore than just those who can’t get themselves to go to the gym or stick to their workout plan. They can also help you reach your fitness goals by making a workout plan that is just right for you. You don’t need to look any further because we’ve already found the best clubs and workshops in Singapore that offer great personal training lessons.

1. Atlas Fitness

No more workout plans that work for everyone. Atlas Fitness is a nice and friendly place where people of all fitness levels can look at their personalized workout plans. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to players, teens to moms to adults, and people who work in corporations. At this club that is privately run, expert teachers will ask you about your fitness goals, previous gym experience, and way of life to make a workout plan that fits your needs. You can look forward to personalized training and helpful advice that will help you reach your fitness goals in a space where no one will judge you, along with a community of people who are also on a health journey.

Atlas Fitness has everything you need if you’re trying to lose weight, get stronger, or just take care of your general health and fitness. Wholesome meal planning, body composition tests, and other things are part of its programs to help you reach your exercise goals in a way that fits your lifestyle. Plus, it has five-star reviews on Google, so you know you can trust its dedicated teachers to give you the best help.

Atlas Fitness, #01-07, Monville Mansion, 530 Balestier Road, Singapore 329857, located across Zhongshan Mall

2. Athleaders

Want to make exercise a natural part of your life? With Athleaders, you can make this happen because they will bring high-quality personal training right to your door. Don’t worry about the tools or taking the time and effort to get to the gym. Forums and papers for expats chose this exercise center as Singapore’s best personal training program. You can work out whenever and wherever you want. We’ve heard that clients can save up to nine hours a month on driving to work. The best part? In as little as eight weeks, you should be able to see effects. Oh, and some people have lost 11 kg in just two months!

You’re also getting more than just a fitness teacher who makes workout plans for you. Meet a dedicated dietician who creates personalized diet plans with daily support and a relationship manager who keeps an eye on your progress. When a whole team is working to help you get fit, we say it doesn’t get any better than this. Plus, Athleaders offers yoga and pilates classes for those who want to step up their workouts.

From now until the end of December 2024, you can get a free review call and 50% off your first lesson.

Athleaders, locations based on bookings

3. Surge: Strength & Results

If you think that being fit is more than just a goal, Surge: Strength & Results is the place for you. The gym focuses on long-lasting changes by mixing the best power training with healthy eating. Its programs are made to give you the best return on your investment by motivating you to make changes in your life that you can keep up after your training is over. We know that some people have lost 23% of their body fat and 54 kg in just 16 weeks!

Let coaches who are internationally certified do all the planning. They have a lot of different skills that can help you deal with major health problems like diabetes, fat, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Your teachers will make a plan just for you, no matter how fit you are, what your health history is like, or if you’ve had problems in the past. Also, the same goes for food. Your calorie or macronutrient goals will be met without any trouble, even if you’re on a vegetarian, kosher, or halal diet. The icing on the cake? As you reach your exercise goals, you’ll get a free picture or movie shoot to remember the journey. Are you ready to start getting healthy and stronger?

Surge: Strength & Results, #01-04, 79 Anson Road, Singapore 079906

4. UFIT Singapore

If you’re tired of the same old personal training programs, UFIT Singapore has a service that will help you in more ways than one. You can get physiotherapy, diet advice, health checks, VO2 max tests, osteopathy, reformer pilates, sports massages, and soon, podiatry. Sign up to start making a personalized plan that includes any of these services based on your goals. The best thing? You can take as many free classes as you want, and a team of experts will help you every step of the way.

The first step in your trip is a free health session. During this time, professionals will help you set clear and direct exercise goals. The team has helped clients at all stages of life and with all kinds of goals, from losing weight and getting over illnesses to getting stronger after giving birth. They have always gotten great results. Just check out some of these moving stories on its Instagram page! You’ll be moving, feeling, and working better in no time if you stick to the personalized plan that was made just for you..

UFIT Singapore, multiple locations including Club Street, City Hall and One North

5. Gymmboxx

Gymmboxx is the place to go if you want to get away from the noise and crowds of the city. It was started by Fitlion, a Singaporean company that sells vitamins and exercise gear online. The club in the suburbs stands out as one of the cheapest places in the city to get special training. There are deals that cost as little as $86 per lesson.

Gymmboxx, multiple locations including Bishan, Yew Tee and Woodlands

6. Pure Fitness

Pure Fitness is the gym that many of us in the CBD go to because it is in a great spot at Marina Bay. It has a team of skilled and committed personal coaches who can help you reach your #bodygoals. You can customize your training to fit your style and bring out the best in your skills. A private stretching lesson with a physical therapist will help you do more by fixing physical stresses, stiffness, and trouble moving around.

Pure Fitness, multiple locations including Asia Square and Ngee Ann City

7. True Fitness

There are lots of new strength and muscle training machines in this gym. Plus the newest exercise tools that have TVs and iPod connections built in. It also has a variety of personal training classes, such as cardio-kickboxing and ViPR (vitality, performance, and retraining), which is a mix of strength training and movement training. When you’re getting ready for a race or other sports event, the personal trainers are there to help you!

True Fitness, multiple locations including Great World and Harbourfront Centre

8. Level Gym

Level is in a great spot in the CBD, and the way they think about training is great too. To begin, these people keep things interesting by using a wide range of high-tech tools. This means a new and different process every time you go. You are also told to learn why you are doing what you are doing, how it works, and the right way to do the moves. Like doing ten great deadlifts at your own pace instead of thirty shaky ones in a hurry.

Level, multiple locations including Telok Ayer and Robinson Road

9. Gold’s Gym

We’re all over the custom programs here. There are many to choose from, such as three-month fat loss lessons for men and women or growth for guys. Some even offer classes before and after giving birth or weight loss plans for before the wedding. All of them, with small changes made every time you reach a goal. When you go to the PTs, they will make a personalized training plan just for you so you can do your best in sports like rugby or tennis.

Gold’s Gym, multiple locations including Tanjong Pagar and Farrer Park

10. TFX

The four-quadrant exercise program from TFX includes four important parts. With metabolic, power, recovery, and variety training, you can reach all of your goals. TFX clubs focus on new ideas, so they have technology-enabled tracking and training, small-group HIIT programs, the newest workout gear, and even a pool at the Funan club.

TFX, multiple locations including Funan and CIMB Plaza

11. Virgin Active

Virgin Active is like Disneyland for people who love working out. It has a “Altitude Room” where you can train at high altitude, a “Himalayan Salt Inhalation Room” for detoxing, and “Sleep Pods” for getting enough rest to keep your body in shape. Step it up a notch with the PTs as they make you an exercise plan that fits your needs. You can choose from three options based on what you need. There is a sample pack that is great for people who are just starting to get into exercise. If you already know what you want to achieve? You are welcome to get the personal training package. Or, find someone to work out with who has the same exercise goals as you do. Health and a friend!

Virgin Active, multiple locations including Tanjong Pagar and Holland Village

12. Oompf Fitness

Having trouble finding time to work out when you’re busy at work? The people who work at Oompf Fitness get it. Because this gym is only for physical therapy, it’s never busy. Say goodbye to having to wait for workout gear! Your growth is the most important thing right now. Get in the best shape of your life. This gym pretty much has everything: a workout center, a cardio area, a break room, and even a yoga classroom. You just need to set up a meeting, and they’ll make an exercise plan just for you.

Oompf Fitness, 130 East Coast Road, Singapore 428815

13. My Fitness Comrade

My Fitness Comrade is a tool that helps people find personal trainers. It’s kind of like Tinder for exercise. You just need to choose a PT based on your preferences, such as area, exercise goal, or type of teacher. Makes sense, doesn’t it? It won’t break the bank, though, since rates are only $50 a session on average! It only takes one click to get in shape.

My Fitness Comrade, locations based on bookings

14. The Pit Singapore

The teachers at The Pit have a lot of knowledge, which is what you should look for in advice. Managing Director and PT Irving Henson has worked in the field for more than ten years. Also, he competes in powerlifting and set the world record for the most weight lifted in a bench press in 2015 (178 kg!). Instead of following the latest fitness ideas and trends, the gym’s PTs (also known as “pitmasters”) will make a program just for you. This depends on how fit you are, what your goals are, and how you live your life. You can only think about working out because they do all the work.

The Pit Singapore, 123 Devonshire Road, Singapore 239883

15. Fitness First

Fitness First wants every workout to be worth it by using fitness science to build the best workout plan. They will work on five main areas: core strength, movement, balance, and fitness. The team’s goal is to help you reach your full fitness potential by giving you the best workout. There are also personalized online training classes for people who like to stay at home.

Fitness First, multiple locations including Paragon and Capital Tower

16. Urban Active Fitness

Not able to make it to the gym to meet your PT? Come get your PT! You can find a wide range of personal coaches through Urban Active Fitness, a one-of-a-kind online group. Trainers can help you lose weight, build muscle, improve your athletic ability, and even train you for triathlons. In other words, you can use your home gym like a teacher!

Urban Active Fitness, locations based on bookings

17. Ultimate Performance Singapore

You shouldn’t skip the barbells just because you’re busy. At Ultimate Performance Singapore, PTs often work with clients who are at the top of their fields. They can also help you deal with problems like not getting enough sleep, stress, and plans that change all the time. It also has training events that you can do online in addition to its live programs. With all of this, tailored food plans, and body composition analysis, you’ll quickly get the body of your dreams.

Ultimate Performance Singapore, #01-01, Manulife Tower, 8 Cross Street, Singapore 048424

18. Amore Fitness

The gym’s PTs are experts at making workout plans and teaching exercises that are best for women. Because they have a lot of experience with sports injuries, diet, and weight loss, you can be sure you’ll be in good hands. There are also tools in the buildings that were made especially for women, whose bodies tend to be smaller.

Amore Fitness, multiple locations including Plaza Singapura and Bugis Junction

19. Genesis Gym

You can find programs at Genesis Gym that are based on science and take a whole-person approach. The Mid-Life Makeover program is great for people in their 30s who want to get in better shape. As you age, your body’s processes slow down. This means that you have to work harder to stay in shape. The program covers a lot of ground, from checking your health to building lean muscle and heart power. You’ll definitely get results.

Genesis Gym, multiple locations including Katong and Queenstown

20. One Personal Training Singapore

One Personal Training Singapore is right in the middle of the Central Business District (CBD). They use science-based training to help you reach your exercise goals. Work out with a professional trainer at the gym, get a full body scan, and get a workout plan that is just right for you. Plan for exercise and food not working? Don’t worry—every two weeks, your work is checked again so that your plan can be changed as needed. It’s been said that past clients saw great results in as little as 90 days, so schedule your free appointment right away!

One Personal Training Singapore, #12-02, Cecil Building, 137 Cecil Street, Singapore 069537


In brief, Singapore offers a wide range of fitness centers with personalized training options to suit various needs. From Atlas Fitness to UFIT Singapore, there’s something for everyone. These centers provide expert guidance and tailored plans for individuals to achieve their fitness goals effectively.