Culinary Delights: Exploring The Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore

Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore

Living in Singapore offers a unique experience due to its remarkable diversity, which extends beyond its multicultural population. The city-state boasts a rich culinary scene encompassing a wide range of cuisines, from delectable Peranakan dishes to satisfying vegetarian options. Specifically, halal food has gained prominence, with numerous eateries sprouting across the island, each serving mouthwatering dishes. Eager to explore further? Take a look at our comprehensive list of Singapore’s finest halal restaurants, and embark on a culinary journey like no other!

1. Jtown Cafe

If you’re looking to manage your budget while enjoying delicious meals, there’s a great spot in Somerset that offers affordability without compromising on flavor. The “J” in its name stands for Jakarta, hinting at its Indonesian roots. This establishment specializes in serving Indonesian street food classics, including mouthwatering bakmie (meat noodles), crispy pangsit (fried chicken dumplings), and indulgent martabak manis (thick, sweet pancakes). Complement your meal with a cup of their homemade brewed tea, a delightful addition to your dining experience. The bustling atmosphere and frequent queues at this cafe are a clear testament to its exceptional quality and popularity among diners.

Jtown Cafe, #B1-04/05, Midpoint Orchard Singapore, 220 Orchard Road, Singapore 238852

2. Omoomo

You don’t have to travel all the way to Seoul for delectable Korean fusion cuisine; you can savor it right here at Kallang Wave Mall. Omoomo presents a diverse menu of budget-friendly options, including rice bowls, sizzling hotplates, noodles, and an array of delightful side dishes. If you’re in a hurry, the rice box offers a convenient selection of Korean staples in one meal. Even the little ones are catered to with a dedicated kids’ meal that includes a refreshing drink. The restaurant’s vibrant and colorful mural wall adds a cheerful touch to your dining experience, setting a delightful mood every time you visit!

Omoomo, #01-40, Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, Singapore 397628

3. Wooly’s Bagels

One of its social media posts carries the catchy message – “We’re all just humans, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a bagel” – and honestly, it resonates with many of us. This creativity extends to its bagel offerings, which boast intriguing and rhyming names. For those who adore otah, the “Otah Kau” is a must-try, combining grilled fish cake with scrambled eggs and gochujang mayo for a burst of flavors. If you find yourself quite hungry, the set includes your choice of a refreshing drink (lemonade or coffee) and a side dish, with options like tater tots or mac and cheese to complete your satisfying meal.

Wooly’s Bagels, multiple locations including Rangoon Road and Joo Chiat

4. Wong Fu Fu

If the idea of unlimited bubble tea and a mini buffet bar excites you, then Wong Fu Fu is the place to be. This halal-certified restaurant, located along North Bridge Road, specializes in Taiwanese-inspired hot plate dishes. Here’s the catch: you need to place your order for the main dishes before you can enjoy the free-flow tea and drinks.

Wong Fu Fu offers a selection of eight mains that you can customize to your preferences. However, the real highlight is the bubble tea kiosk, which provides an array of options. You’ll find nine toppings to choose from, as well as the choice of milk tea with no sugar and iced lemon tea. If you opt for the milk tea, don’t hold back on the toppings for an extra indulgent experience!

Wong Fu Fu, 776 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198774

5. Permata

When it comes to the best halal buffet experience in Singapore, look no further than Permata. This culinary haven offers a lavish feast that caters to every food lover’s desires. Renowned celebrity chef Mel Dean has curated a new buffet menu that celebrates the diverse flavors of the Nusantara region.

Diners can anticipate a mouthwatering array of hearty dishes inspired by Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, all infused with a modern twist. With over 27 delectable dishes to choose from, including the chef’s signature creations and a rotating selection of weekly specials, there’s something to delight every palate. And here’s the cherry on top: Permata’s buffet follows a one-for-one concept, allowing you to bring a companion and relish this exceptional spread together. Plus, keep an eye out for outdoor live grill stations, adding an exciting element to your dining experience!

Permata, Halal Buffet located at historical palace, Gedung Kuning at Kampong Glam

6. Charr’d

Charr’d sets the bar high as the first halal steakhouse to import A5 Kuroge wagyu beef from the Mie prefecture, showcasing their dedication to delivering top-notch steaks. For those unfamiliar, Kuroge beef is the epitome of Japanese beef, renowned for its exceptional marbling and rich flavor. This premium meat is meticulously sourced from cattle raised in mild climates and lush environments.

At Charr’d, you have the privilege of choosing from a variety of cuts, including ribeye, sirloin, or tenderloin. Alternatively, you can opt for the Heavenly Meat Board, an ideal choice for sharing with fellow meat enthusiasts. And don’t overlook the delectable side options, such as edamame and mentaiko jojos (twice-fried wedges), to complement your extraordinary steak experience.

Charr’d, 324F Changi Road, Singapore 419799

7. Al-Azhar Restaurant

This renowned eatery is a top choice when it comes to affordable and comforting meals. While the menu features a diverse range of Indonesian, Western, and Mediterranean dishes, it’s the Indian cuisine that truly stands out and keeps diners returning for more. If you’re in search of an extensive selection of wallet-friendly options, this restaurant is the ideal destination for you!

Al-Azhar, multiple locations including Bukit Timah, Tampines and Geylang

8. The Bravery

This cozy cafe, owned by Muslims, holds a special place among our favorites. Despite its inconspicuous, no-signboard, and easy-to-miss location, it harbors a delightful culinary treasure. The menu is a true gem, offering a diverse range of options. Whether you’re starting your day with a satisfying pancake stack or a hearty big breakfast, indulging in burgers and rice bowls during lunchtime, or treating yourself to evening delights like wagyu picanha, pan-seared salmon, or a fantastic steak served with sunny-side-up eggs, this cafe caters to all tastes and cravings.

The Bravery, 50 Amoy Street, Singapore 069876

9. All Things Delicious

True to its name, this delightful bakery-cafe serves up an array of delectable treats that are nothing short of delicious. We highly recommend trying their tempting offerings, including cheesecake brownies, sticky apricot pistachio cake, coconut gula melaka cookies, and much more. 

Moreover, they have an enticing selection of all-day breakfast options, ranging from avocado on sourdough to mouthwatering buttermilk pancakes. Don’t overlook their lineup of sandwiches, grain bowls, and pasta dishes, which will leave you spoiled for choice and satisfied with a memorable dining experience!

All Things Delicious, #01-01, 34 Arab Street, Singapore 199733

10. Ela

Ela is a beautifully minimalistic hangout that should be on your list when you’re in the mood for Greek cuisine. Begin your culinary journey with the dip party platter, featuring pita bread accompanied by an array of delicious dips, including cod roe, roasted eggplant, spicy feta, and cucumber yogurt. 

For your main course, choose from chicken, beef, or lamb skewers, served with a side salad and your preference of pita or rice. If you’re looking for a communal dish to share with your tablemates, the Farmhouse Platter offers a delightful combination of rotisserie chicken, lamb merguez, beef sausages, and more.

To wrap up your meal on a sweet note, indulge in bites of baklava, the perfect ending to your Greek culinary experience at Ela.

Ela, #01-09/10, 33 Jalan Sultan, Singapore 198965


Singapore offers a diverse array of dining experiences, from halal buffets to cozy cafes and international cuisine. Whether you’re savoring the flavors of Indonesian, Indian, Japanese, or Greek cuisine, the city’s culinary scene caters to every palate. From budget-friendly options to upscale dining, there’s a restaurant or cafe to suit every taste and occasion. Singapore’s vibrant food culture continues to delight locals and visitors alike, making it a food lover’s paradise in Southeast Asia.