All Types of Massage Available in Singapore

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Some people like stretching, while others enjoy meditating. However, you’ve come to the perfect location if receiving a decent massage is your concept of replenishing your body. Do not fret. Continue reading if you’re all twisted up and unsure of where to proceed. We break down the many massage styles available in Singapore, along with the top spas that provide them, from Thai massages and Balinese treatments to sports and foot massages.


Best massages in Singapore for your specific needs

Hot stone massage: To relieve body aches

As the massage kneads your body, warm stones are placed on your pressure spots. In addition to releasing stress from the tense muscles, the hot stones increase blood flow. Your body will experience renewal as a result of this.

Must Try: Willow Stream Spa ($280 for 90 mins), La Source ($228 for 60 mins), Cecilia Westberry ($135 for 60 mins)


Swedish massage: To drift away in tranquillity

This massage incorporates a variety of techniques, including bending, gentle stretching, tapping, and gliding strokes. Because of this mix, you may make it as mild or as strong as you choose. For a really tranquil and peaceful experience, add aromatherapy oils.

Must Try: Heal Spa ($94 for 60 mins), The Hot Spa ($68 for 60 mins), Imperial Spa ($73 for 60 mins)


Deep tissue massage: To relax tense muscles 

“No pain, no gain,” as they say. This seems to be your typical, daily massage, but it applies additional pressure to target the body’s stiff muscles and difficult-to-reach areas. Be prepared for the discomfort and agony that follow a massage. But rest certain, your body will appreciate it later.

Must Try: The Outcall Spa ($238 for 90 mins), Chi, the Spa ($170 for 60 mins), Healing Touch Spa ($68 for 60 mins)


Jamu massage: To improve blood circulation

This Indonesian-style massage is usually given to mothers as a part of their postpartum care. It makes use of traditional herbal oils that are warmed and applied to the whole body. Massage with jamu relieves wind, enhances blood flow, and treats persistent discomfort.

Must Try: Life Spa ($260 for 60 mins), Spa Rael ($258 for 60 mins)


Abhyangam (Ayurvedic oil massage): To restore balance to your body

An Indian massage known as an abhyangam uses seven steps of Ayurvedic oils laced with herbs to help relax the body’s muscles. This kind of massage is very recommended as it strengthens the nerve system in addition to bringing the body’s physical and mental equilibrium back.

Must Try: Ayur Centre ($60 for 60 mins), Ayush ($64.20 for 60 mins), Amrita Ayurveda ($55 for 45 mins)


Shiatsu massage: To tackle stress

This well-known Japanese treatment incorporates elements of traditional Chinese medicine as well. The goal is for your chi to flow clearly and to become very relaxed. Stretching and applying light pressure with the fingers and palms on the body’s meridian points can release tension.

Must Try: Ikeda Spa ($170+ for 60 mins), La Source ($158 for 60 mins), Heal Spa ($94 for 60 mins)


Thai massage: To stretch and soothe

Despite the stretches that resemble yoga poses, this is a calming therapy to quiet your senses. Thai massage does not often use heated oils or lotions. You should anticipate repetitive pushing, pulling, and stretching motions like knuckling, toe-pulling, and aided arch backstretching.

Must Try: Nimble/Knead ($76 for 60 mins), Sabaai Sabaai ($88  for 60 mins), Healing Thai Massage ($60 for 60 mins)


Javanese massage: To offer pain relief

Therapists use deep pressure by pressing and stroking motions, using every portion of their hands, from knuckles to thumbs. This (additional kneading) may become really severe. Using all 67 of the primary acupressure sites can help increase blood flow and facilitate the evacuation of pollutants. This stimulation eases tense muscles, which helps you feel less stressed.

Must Try: House of Traditional Javanese Massage ($78 for 60 mins), Balinese Thai ($60 for 60 mins)


Balinese massage: To get those knots

The goal of this intense massage is to fully relax the muscular tissue with forceful pressure. Natural oils are used, particularly ginger, which aids in the reduction of cellulite and water retention. It’s quite calming and stress-relieving, so prepare yourself for sleep throughout your treatment.

Must Try: Banyan Tree Spa ($298 for 60 mins), Bellecare ($78 for 60 mins)


Tui Na: To loosen up

A word of caution for beginners: tui na, also known as tuina, is not a relaxing therapy. To release blockages in the free flow of qi, a forceful blend of massage and acupressure is applied to muscles, acupoints, and meridians. Tui Na, to put it simply, revitalizes the body and eases skeletal and muscular stress. It is advised to discuss your eligibility for the treatment with your therapist (who should be a qualified TCM practitioner) since it involves a lot of pressure and concentrates on important areas. Take note: avoid doing this while you’re hungry.

Must Try: Spa Rael ($224 for 60 mins), Spa Esprit ($145 for 60 mins), The Ultimate ($214 for 60 mins)


Aromatherapy massage: To relieve stress and unwind

When kneading tense areas, this employs massage oils and lotions together with highly concentrated plant-based essential oils. The aroma of the oils absorbs into the body and promotes positive changes in the psyche. Additionally, aromatherapy is said to be quite effective in treating menopausal symptoms and cramps.

Must Try: Ikeda Spa ($210+ for 60 mins), Away Spa ($180 for 60 mins), Remede Spa ($190 for 60 mins)


Abdominal massage: To combat bad constipation

An abdominal massage is an excellent way to clear blockages and restore flow in your digestive system. This is a really good massage that involves pushing, crawling, and circular kneading on the belly. As the pressure on your abdominal regions increases, you can expect some strain or discomfort. Here’s a trick to reduce pain: breathe in tandem with the movements.

Must Try: Heal Spa ($128 for 60 mins), Healing Touch ($108 for 60 mins)


Foot massage: To help with aching soles

In Singapore, treat your weary feet to a foot massage that releases stress and purifies the body. Stronger strokes along the foot’s pressure points are reinforced by this. Additionally, it relieves tense muscles, restores joint mobility, and enhances blood flow. In no time at all, you’ll be wearing your favorite heels again!

Must Try: Nimble/Knead ($42 for 60 mins), Feet Haven ($40 for 60 mins)


Sports massage: To boost athletic performance

Sports massages are usually given to promote healing. While post-activity massages aid in relieving muscular tension, pre-activity massages aid in waking up the muscles. However, keep in mind that sports massages may not be advised for those who have suffered severe injuries; instead, seek medical counsel from your doctor.

Must Try: Singapore Pain Solutions ($100 for 45 mins), Health 2U ($205 for 60 mins)