Top 15 Pilates Studios in Singapore for Strengthening Your Body

Pilates Singapore

You’re sick of doing the same old cardio exercises at the gym and want to keep to your fitness objectives. We are aware of you! Try a low-impact yet calorie-burning exercise in place of that worn-out treadmill. Similar to yoga, pilates has several advantages, such as strengthening and entire body fitness. However, it does not include intricate poses or meditation. It emphasizes core and back stabilization more. Are you eager to try it out? Continue reading for a list of Singapore’s best pilates studios to help you get in better shape.

Best pilates studios in Singapore

1. Strong Pilates

Finally making its debut in Singapore, Strong Pilates has taken the UK and Australia by storm. The brand offers a low-impact, high-intensity exercise that will make you perspire. Select from courses that emphasize mobility, weight training, and even aerobics. We’ve heard that there are plans to open other studios across the island, so keep a lookout!

Strong Pilates, multiple locations including Shenton Way and Orchard

2. Flex Studio Singapore

For comprehensive health advantages, consider trying out traditional pilates at this Flex Studio Hong Kong subsidiary. This kind of pilates emphasizes on control and accuracy in movement, achieving a harmonic balance between your muscular and skeletal systems. The studio offers sessions that include all of the original workout routines, exercises, and the sequence in which they were done. Joseph Pilates developed the original pilates technique in the early 20th century.

Regular sessions of this health-improving technique are supposed to increase your immune system, improve mental clarity by activating the nerve system, and eventually even improve your physical capabilities.

Do you want to feel refreshed and fit? Try the variety of sessions, which include mat and reformer pilates, that are tailored to meet your requirements and interests. The “Tower Tone Trio” session, exclusive to Flex Studio Singapore, mixes matwork with tower springs for an extra challenge. Sign up for a class and give it a try!

Flex Studio Singapore, #05-02, Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871

3. Absolute Pilates

Prised for being the biggest of its type in Asia, this boutique fitness studio is well-known for its rhythm cycling exercises. However, its reformer pilates lessons are also quite good. This is the area where you can strengthen your core, tone your body, and straighten your posture. To get acquainted with the tools and activities, start with the introductory sessions. Proceed to the trademark fit and tone class or circuit training after that.

Absolute Pilates, multiple locations including The Centrepoint and The Star Vista

4. The Moving Body

Pilates lessons at The Moving Body are designed for all levels of athletes as well as regular people. The team offers individual, duet, and small group instruction, tailoring sessions to your objectives. One of the biggest gyrotonic studios in the city may be found in the recently opened flagship at UE Square. Alternatively, go to The Movement Academy’s River Valley outlet to learn with its professors.

The Moving Body, multiple locations including East Coast Road and Bukit Timah

5. Pilates Fitness

This studio is praised for being the first in Singapore to provide goal-oriented Pilates lessons tailored to individual lifestyle requirements. It offers a variety of programming, such as the reformer group class, with modifications that target the core, cardio jumpboarding, and weight reduction. Parents, enrol your partner in a prenatal workshop. By providing stress-relieving and romantic prenatal workouts, this helps you get ready for the birth of your child.

Pilates Fitness, 85A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555981

6. Pilates Plus

It was originally remarked by Joseph Pilates that pleasure begins with physical health. These well-known terms are promoted by this studio. These people think that consumers should be empowered to acquire vigor and mobility via exercise. Simply choose a class that works for your schedule, visit the CBD location, and continue to meet your fitness objectives. Not to mention, the bundles are reasonably priced!

Pilates Plus, #17-13, International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903

7. Options Pilates Studio

You should see a change in your physique after only a few sessions, as is the case with most pilates exercises. It might manifest as an increase in vitality, a reduction in lower back discomfort, or better posture. In addition, the studio provides a range of lessons, including group, semi-private, and private sessions. Additionally, you get to test out specialized tools like ladder barrels, Cadillacs, reformers, and more.

Options Pilates Studio, multiple locations including Orchard and Sime Darby Centre

8. Sky Pilates

Established by seasoned pilates teachers and aficionados, this facility maintains small class sizes to provide individualised attention and attention to your requirements. In addition to the regular reformer and mat programs, it provides physiotherapy appointments. The decisive factor? It eases your mind with a view of Orchard’s treetops.

Sky Pilates, #09-01, Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884

9. Pilates Flow

Put on some vintage music! The trainers here live and breathe the original principles of Joseph Pilates himself; there are no cutting-edge techniques used here. The goals of these exercises are elegance, strength, control, and flexibility. You may contact them for partnered personal training sessions or duet sessions, regardless of your body type or degree of expertise.

Pilates Flow, #02-06, Second Avenue Junction, 733 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269748

10. PowerMoves Pilates

You will feel at ease as soon as you enter our spacious, light-filled studio. In the fitness community, it’s one of the best-kept secrets. Visit us to experience a variety of reformer and matwork classes tailored to your unique body type and objectives.

PowerMoves Pilates, multiple locations including Novena and Dempsey

11. Focus

With Focus’ midday hours, you can easily fit in a dose of midday rejuvenation. The modern studio is well-lit, open, and provides movement packages along with reformer or mat options. Try it out to concentrate on your strength and fitness, or concentrate on your flexibility and releasing tense muscles.

Focus, #08-00, RB Capital Building, 22 Malacca Street, Singapore 048980

12. Pure Fitness

When it comes to Pilates, Pure Fitness isn’t the first place that springs to mind. Of course, the big gym succeeds there as well. Its pilates lessons help you become more flexible and agile by lengthening and strengthening your muscles. And after your exercise, unwind in the opulent locker rooms or in the lounge while enjoying nutritious snacks and smoothies made with superfoods.

Pure Fitness, multiple locations including Suntec City and Ocean Financial Centre

13. Breathe Pilates

Breathe Pilates offers traditional mat and reformer sessions as well as fusion courses, which kick things up a notch. It all comes down to strengthening your core muscles, enhancing your posture, increasing your flexibility, and toning your body. Pick a class level (beginning, intermediate/advanced) and choose from a range of available workouts. With ballet-inspired moves and aerobic components, you’ll be burning fat quickly. Alternatively, you may stretch on the reformer to get rid of body pains or concentrate on exercises that improve joint strength and mobility.

Breathe Pilates, multiple locations including The Heeren, Raffles Quay and Novena Medical Centre

14. Pilates BodyTree

One for executives cooped up behind a desk. Working professionals who need both physical and emotional respite make up the majority of its clients. The first mobility fitness training studio in Singapore focuses on joint health and physical fitness to ensure that you have the strength and flexibility to complete tasks correctly. Beginning with a one-on-one mobility fitness evaluation, newcomers may identify their physical abnormalities and pains. Following this, courses for the next phase of your fitness journey will be suggested to you.

Pilates BodyTree, multiple locations including Chinatown Point and International Building

15. Pilatique Pilates Studio

A small, Stott Pilates-based studio called Pilatique is nestled in a peaceful area of Gemmill Lane. It is a recognized training facility with hundreds of trained teachers worldwide. This modern take on the traditional regimen has your trainer describing each exercise, stimulating the mind-body connection and keeping your mind engaged. What was the outcome? enhanced attentiveness and increased athletic performance. To improve your fitness level, enroll in a reformer group session; the number of students is limited to four to ensure that you get the attention you need.

Pilatique Pilates Studio, 8 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069250