The Top Spots in Singapore to Eat Roti Prata

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Amazing dishes and well-known favorites like nasi lemak, biryani, chicken rice, and nasi padang abound in our local culinary scene. But roti prata always comes out on top as the ideal comfort dish, suited for late-night cravings or breakfast. The flatbread from South India has a doughy inside and a crispy outside. To make it the ideal bite-sized treat, it’s usually served with curry (or sugar, no judgment). Unquestionably, roti prata is a high-calorie delicacy. Particularly when you fill it with foods like cheese, eggs, mushrooms, onions, and even sweets like chocolate and strawberries. Feeling tempted? Now go through this list of Singapore’s top prata locations.


The most delicious roti prata in Singapore

1. Al-Azhar

It’s reasonable to assume that a large number of Singaporeans feasted on Al-Azhar’s delectable cuisine growing up. We always return for the prata even though this place is best renowned for their naan varieties. Order the butter chicken package if you want to try something different from the usual fish or chicken curries. The traditional dinner meal will take on a whole new dimension thanks to the diced chicken pieces and sweet and savory sauce.

Al-Azhar, multiple locations including Cheong Chin Nam Road and Tampines


2. Julaiha Muslim Restaurant

In contrast to Thohirah’s dense and chewy prata, Julaiha serves pleasantly crispy and light prata meals that are a treat to eat—best enjoyed with your hands for maximum impact. This place is open 24 hours a day and is well worth the trip to MacPherson for their egg onion prata.


3. The Roti Prata House

Due to its signature dish, crispy prata, this 24-hour hawker center-style prata business at Thomson draws large crowds even on weekday evenings. We recommend going for the tissue prata for a delicious surprise. It’s always worth trying the basic form, often known as kosong. However, daring diners may also sample the blueberry bomb kaya prata, chocolate cheese, Milo butter, and pineapple cheese dishes.


4. Master Prata

Master Prata, a cozy restaurant that not many people know about, satisfies our late-night appetites by being open till the early hours. There is a wide variety of prata options, ranging from savory to sweet. Still famished? To share with your dinner guests, get thosai (rice pancake), roti john (omelette sandwich), and murtabak (flatbread packed with minced meat and onion).

Master Prata, multiple locations including Alexandra Road and Sembawang Shopping Centre


5. Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata

It’s all in the name of the store. Over the years, this power duo has gained notoriety for creating thousands of very crispy pratas. We love our fluffier egg pratas, but the best way to appreciate the crispiness of their dishes is to have the “kosong” (plain), which is best enjoyed dipped in the curry. Pro tip: To prevent disappointment, arrive early in the morning.


6. Thasevi Food Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant

As promised, Thasevi is so well-known that residents may recognize it by its address alone. The restaurant has been providing excellent roti prata and other South Indian fare, including biryani, mee goreng (fried noodles), and murtabak, since the 1960s. The only drawback? Get ready to compete with the ravenous weekend throng for your prata bomb, plaster prata, and egg prata.


7. Casuarina Curry

And to Casuarina Curry, who wins the prize for the most creative roti prata menu! This laid-back restaurant treats its patrons quite well. Selecting only one meal to eat is difficult when the roti prata menu is so diverse. We suggest Casuarina’s specialties, which have won it hordes of devotees: chocolate prata and chicken floss prata. We assure you that these two are calorie-dense.

Casuarina Curry, 136-138 Casuarina Road, Singapore 579524


8. Sin Ming Roti Prata

Possibly Singapore’s greatest roti prata? That is the issue that many residents have discussed. Its delicious and amazing roti prata, which is crispy on the exterior and deliciously fluffy in the inside, will make you want to eat it regardless of the outcome. It’s definitely tasty enough to eat by itself, but we suggest you try the fish and chicken curries that go with it. They really embody the epitome of deliciousness.


9. New Shah Alam Restaurant

In the Boat Quay district, this post-clubbing dinner establishment serves some of the greatest cheese prata. What you receive is a plate of steaming prata stuffed with stringy, oozy cheese. If you’ve never had cheese and fish curry together, it may not seem or sound good, but you really should try it. Are you still hungry? Obtain other prata variants, such as onion, egg, and mushroom.


10. Prata Wala

At this contemporary restaurant, diversity is king. Options for diners include murtabak, chappati, naan, tandoori chicken, biryani, and thosai. But as its name implies, roti prata is without a doubt Prata Wala’s specialty. For a really filling dinner, tuck into the prata plaster (topped with a runny egg) and wash it all down with a cool cup of teh halia, or ginger milk tea.

Prata Wala, multiple locations including Chinatown Point and Jurong Point


11. Rahmath Cheese Prata

Locals in Toa Payoh are familiar with and adore this restaurant. Though there are lengthy waits, the deliciously crispy and fluffy buttery egg prata is the ideal morning dish. For best results, try the cheese prata dipped in curry as well. Oh, and don’t forget to arrive early since the stand ends its prata sales in the afternoon.


12. Niqqi’s The Cheese Prata Shop

It shouldn’t surprise you if you see groups of NUS students here. Many of them are drawn to the location and the affordable costs. Though there are other wonderful options on the menu, such as the special cheese prata that is loaded with cheese, potatoes, and eggs, the simple prata is still the best—which is sort of odd for a restaurant named The Cheese Prata Shop. Because it’s open 24/7, it’s also the ideal site for West Side residents to have dinner.


13. Springleaf Prata Place

When Springleaf introduced the “murtaburger” in 2013, it enlarged waistlines and grabbed headlines. The meal is a rich but undoubtedly unglamorous mashup of the ubiquitous murtabak and the Ramly burger from the pasar malam (night market). It may surprise you to learn that this is not the most innovative design in the kitchen. Try whatever you want, from the Umami-50, which is stuffed with mozzarella, luncheon meat, chicken floss, and egg, to the salted egg and prawn prata.

Springleaf Prata Place, multiple locations including Tampines and Thong Soon Avenue


14. Mr Prata

Adventuresome foodies, this place is for you! In addition to the traditional dish, this restaurant serves roti prata with an amazing array of sweet and savory toppings, such cheese and pineapple or banana, chocolate, and honey. The secret is to choose whatever appeals to you rather than being overwhelmed by the abundance of options. Also, don’t forget to sample the burgers, pastas, butter chicken, and naan options at this one-stop restaurant.


15. Thohirah Restaurant

Prata is essentially used by some as a “curry delivery system.” Followers of this school of thinking will like the thick, chewy prata (available 24/7) that readily absorbs the hot, peppery curry served fresh out of the pot.