Singapore’s Top 15 Steamboat Restaurants

Steamboat Singapore

Bring your hotpot friends and check out these Singapore steamboat restaurants for amazing soups made with quality ingredients.

Whatever you name it—hotpot, steamboat, mookata—we just cannot get enough of this steaming hot treat that is ideal for a Singaporean day that is chilly and wet. For those who are unfamiliar, steamboats are a common (and enjoyable) way to cook in East Asian homes where meals are served at the table. In the middle is a kettle of boiling soup stock accompanied by an assortment of raw meats, shellfish, veggies, noodles, and dumplings. Although it’s a traditional dish during Chinese New Year, most Singaporeans enjoy hotpot throughout the year. Unable to choose where to go? With our list of Singapore’s top steamboat buffets, we want to assist you in making a more informed decision.

Top 15 steamboat restaurants in Singapore

1. Beauty in the Pot

The Paradise Group’s Singapore hotpot restaurant delivers the ideal fusion of beauty and the beast. Savor a nutritious pot of beauty collagen soup that is loaded with nutrients, as well as a nourishing spicy soup that will challenge your heat tolerance with three different degrees of Szechuan spices. Aside from hearty soup bases, other standout components include handmade and high-quality fish tofu and fried beancurd skin.

Beauty in the Pot, multiple locations including The Centrepoint, VivoCity and Kinex

2. Shi Li Fang Hot Pot

In search of a cheap hotpot choice in Singapore? The place to be is Shi Li Fang. To begin, choose a protein, soup base, and kind of noodles from the predetermined menu. It costs less than ten dollars and includes a basket of vegetables. You may always fill up on a la carte foods if that is insufficient. Get beef tenderloin and marbled pig slices to dip into flavorful broths. After your dinner, you can even pick up some toys and souvenirs at various stores!

Shi Li Fang Hot Pot, multiple locations including Simei and Orchard

3. Gorogoro Steamboat

A Korean buffet with all-you-can-eat steamboat ingredients? By the time you leave Gorogoro Steamboat, you’ll be full. It has a range of premium ingredients and regional specialties in addition to being reasonably priced. Stock your plates high with pork belly and fish balls. Snack on some Korean fried chicken wings and fries while you wait for your soup to boil. Oh, and when you book, be sure to go over the menu since lunch and dinner sessions include special ingredients and recipes.

Gorogoro Steamboat, #03-43, The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843

4. Shang Pin Hot Pot

Select the moderate, regular, or hot spice level when choosing the mala soup base. Choose from an unlimited selection of steamboat buffet fare, including pork balls and dumplings. There is also an abundance of prepared cuisine, seafood, and vegetarian options.

Shang Pin Hot Pot, multiple locations including Marina Square and Parkway Parade

5. City Hot Pot

This restaurant is great if you’re picky about what goes into your hotpot. You sit in a group even though each person has their own pot for cooking. We anticipate you remaining for hours because of the range of options. There are just too many different soup bases available, one of which is the very flavorful fish maw soup. Toss in plenty of shellfish, pork belly, and freshly sliced trademark wagyu beef!

City Hot Pot, multiple locations including One Raffles Place and Guoco Tower

6. Parkway Mini Steamboat

This steamboat buffet restaurant serves all-you-can-eat dishes directly to your table and is located in the busy Tanjong Pagar district. Choose from artisan noodles, pork balls, fish paste, meats, seafood, and similar items. Typically, there are three soup bases: mushroom, tom yum, and mala. There is also a vast selection of prepared cuisine available, such as chicken wings, chilli crab, and bee hoon.

Parkway Mini Steamboat, 311 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437094

7. Haidilao

Be advised that since it blew up, there has often been a lengthy wait—usually more than an hour—to eat at this Sichuan-based steamboat restaurant. But don’t stress about standing in line. It’s true that you may receive a manicure and enjoy complimentary popcorn and fruits while you wait. Oh, and at any of the several locations, reservations are always available. One more highlight? At your table, chefs demonstrate their prowess as they knead freshly prepared noodles by hand. Go for the hot Sichuan soup base if you can take the heat.

Haidilao, multiple locations including Clarke Quay, Plaza Singapura and VivoCity

8. Little Sheep Hot Pot

The unusual moniker shouldn’t scare you—this Mongolian hot pot business serves more than simply lamb. Being among the first hotpot restaurants to forgo the traditional dipping sauce helped it become well-known. That’s how you can tell the soup tastes good! Savor succulent lamb and beef skewers dipped in a variety of soup bases, perfect for meat enthusiasts. The mala choice has the perfect heat and isn’t too spicy.

Little Sheep Hot Pot, #B1-13, Orchardgateway, 277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858

9. San Laksa Steamboat

Admire the rich, spicy, and creamy flavor of laksa? This restaurant is one of the few in the nation that serve laksa as a steamboat basis; it just relocated to a new location on Kitchener Road. Even after adding a ton of stuff, you won’t feel like the gravy is excessively heavy since it’s not thick. Order away if you still want the classic chicken broth—the pot can accommodate two varieties of soup.

San Laksa Steamboat, 147 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208524

10. Upin Hot Pot

In addition to its delicious soup bases, Upin Hot Pot often runs irresistible promotions. If you would like to remain inside, Upin can also provide the steamboat experience right to your house, complete with hot pot and fixings. However, if you’re in one of the locations and want a little amusement, you may take in live face-changing Sichuan opera performances and hand-pulled noodles.

Upin Hot Pot, multiple locations including Clarke Quay Central and Orchard Gateway

11. Tsukada Nojo

Grab a hotpot of Tsukada Nojo’s renowned bijin nabe, a collagen-rich dish made with organic chicken broth and fresh ingredients like shrimp, mushrooms, and chicken meatballs, to satisfy your need for miracle protein. In a container, it really is beautiful. Originating in Japan, this steamboat restaurant specializes in serving Jitokko chicken from the Miyazaki region that is free-range and organic. Take advantage of fantastic discounts on the set meals, and be sure to sample some Japanese side dishes like chicken nanban and nikumaki onigiri, which are rice balls wrapped in pork.

Tsukada Nojo, multiple locations including Plaza Singapura and Thomson Plaza

12. Xian De Lai

In Singapore, hotpot aficionados frequent this location often, hence lines are likely to form at busy times. Additionally, Xian De Lai serves delicious chongqing grilled seafood and Korean BBQ. Spice enthusiasts, you must try the spicy chicken—it’s quite flavorful! Steamboat staples include a variety of freshly prepared meals and eye-catching side dishes, along with daily brewed soup bases.

Xian De Lai, 18 Liang Seah Street, Singapore 189039

13. Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner

Nothing compares to enjoying a delicious steamboat fishhead broth. Reserve a table for the grouper, snapper, and pomfret fish boats, which are cooked with ember charcoal to provide depth of flavor. Purchase the Hojiak or Baojiak packages, which include a tray of fried shrimp rolls, prawn paste chicken wings, pork belly, and beverages in addition to the famous tofu.

Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner, 812 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198779

14. New Udon Mookata

Mookata is a unique and amazing dish that combines barbecue and steamboat cooking, using a metal griddle in the center for grilling meat. There are grooves on the metal skillet that lead to the “soup moat.” The soup gains additional flavor from the meat’s fluids that are released when it is grilled. And did we also mention that it’s always open? Ideal for a naughty dinner party late at night!

New Udon Mookata, 119 Lavender Street, Singapore 338731

15. Coca Restaurant

Having been in business since 1957, this well-known mainstay must be doing something right. As a soup basis, we really like the classic clear chicken broth (double boiled treasure), but the quadruple pot allows you to choose up to four options. Dip your favorite cooked foods into Coca’s spicy housemade chili sauce for optimal enjoyment. To prevent disappointment, make reservations in advance since the outlets are often packed.

Coca Restaurant, multiple locations including Suntec City, Ngee Ann City and Kallang Leisure Park


Prepare yourself for an immense hotpot feast at Singapore’s top steamboat restaurants.