Best And Unique Date Ideas In Singapore

Best And Unique Date Ideas In Singapore

A lovely dinner is the first thing that comes to mind for a date night. You don’t have to always have dinner and a movie for every birthday, wedding, or other special event, though. Here are some fun date ideas in Singapore that will make your love life a little better.

1. Make your own bespoke scent

Go to Scentopia’s orchid perfume-making class in the middle of Sentosa. Smells can make people want to be with you. This fragrance trip is a great way for couples to make memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll come up with your own signature smell based on ingredients from the local jungle, like flowers, that show off your personality.

Don’t miss the wonderful smell-alike treats, like reed diffusers, scented candles, and do-it-yourself kits. Scentopia’s custom works will mark your romance with a beautiful scent, whether you’re enjoying a love milestone or looking to spice up your weekend plans.

2. Experience an outdoor escape room

Real-world adventure games on are a fun and exciting way to spice up your dates. The games are all about exploring Singapore’s neighborhoods and finding hidden gems. And just so you know, there are free treats along the way during the game, like coffee at small shops. You and your partner only need to buy tickets, set up the game through WhatsApp, and work together to figure out the hints. Bonus: if you use the coupon code “Honeydates,” you can get 10% off your tickets.

Why not take the adventure to a whole new level? It’s free to add personalized words to the game. When your partner reads them, watch their face light up. Give this date idea as a gift to get your relationship going again, or use it to make a unique marriage proposal.

3. Head to the great outdoors

Cool water sports and activities are a great way to beat the heat in our never-ending summer. If you’re both new to water sports, start slowly with kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and banana boat rides. Then move on to more exciting activities like surfing and flight with a jetpack. Finding secret gems and hiking historical trails are great ways to spend more time outside and have fun in the sun.

4. Have a countryside escape

Get away from the busy city to farms in Singapore for some fresh air, food grown locally, and time spent with animals. You can have a casual breakfast on the weekend at Poison Ivy Bistro in Bollywood Farms before going to Hay Dairies to see the goats and get some goat’s milk.

5. Explore new neighbourhoods

Do something new and leave your comfort zone. Go to neighborhoods you’ve never been to before. Even in our small city, there are always new and interesting things to find. It’s even better that you can do it with your partner. Bedok, Farrer Park, Novena, Siglap, and Queenstown are some places you should visit.

6. See the city on a Vespa

Would you rather not walk around in the hot sun? Instead, take a sidecar trip on an old Vespa. Singapore Sidecars has paths that go through historic neighborhoods and places where people go to eat and drink.

7. Catch of the day

Hai Bin at Punggol is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for late-night shopping experiences. Going to places on the water to fish, like Sembawang Park and Changi Beach Park, is possible if you have your own gear. You’ll need to be patient for these things, so bring games or things to talk about to keep things interesting.

8. Swing across treetops

Go to Forest Adventure, the city’s treetop obstacle course, to test yourself and your partner. There is a lot of exciting stuff to do here, especially on the Grand Course, which has three beautiful ziplines over the water and some tricky bridges.

9. Work up a sweat and enjoy lush views

If you and your date want to be in the middle of a forest, put on your climbing boots and go on all the trails on your list. There are many beautiful parks in Singapore, ranging from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to the Southern Ridges.

10. Have alone time at Yishun Dam

Yishun Dam is a peaceful place to watch the sunset over calm water, making it a great place for a quiet date outside. Just plan your evening for a day when there aren’t many people there to avoid crowds.

11. Capture fun memories

Take lots of pictures with your date! Self Photo Studio, which is based on Korean culture, has bright backgrounds, cool props, and cool outfits. Go to places like Orchard Central, Funan, and The Centrepoint to have an experience you’ll never forget. Print out your photos to keep those memories alive. Also, don’t worry if you’re the shy type. There is no need for a camera at self-shoot workshops, so you and your partner can just hang out and have fun.

12. Stroll through Seletar Aerospace Park

The black and white houses in Seletar Aerospace Park used to be homes for Royal Air Force members and their families. They have been preserved and rebuilt as part of their change into a living area. You can stroll around the green site, watch planes fly by, eat dinner under the stars, or have a chilled brunch on the weekend.

13. Go island-hopping

Need a break? Get out of the city with your friends and enjoy the view of the sea from Singapore’s islands. Wildlife and plants lovers love to ride bikes on Pulau Ubin, and St. John’s Island has beautiful beaches and hiking trails. For a closer place to have fun outside, ride your bike to Coney Island.

14. Go on a two-wheeled adventure

Can’t wait to ride your brand-new bikes? Get up early on the weekend and go on a bike ride to see mangrove swamps, views of rivers, famous sites, untouched nature, and maybe even a dinosaur or two.

15. Scent up your life

So you like hand-made candles and unique scents, right? Why not take a class on how to make perfume? Maison 21G has lovely individual lessons for couples, and Oo La Lab has classes in fragrance design and mixology where you can make your own unique drink.

16. Pick up tufting

If you want to do something popular with your partner on the weekend or as a new crafty hobby, this is a great choice. We’ve put together a list of rug tufting companies in Singapore because we love making one-of-a-kind items by hand. You will need to work out your arms because it isn’t as simple as it looks.

17. Plan your escape

You’ll have to plan ahead and work together to find hints and beat the clock in Singapore’s escape rooms. It’s all here in these tasks, from strange quests to fun puzzles to interesting secrets. What’s more interesting than that?

18. Discover hidden museums

A lot of museums in our area hold rare works of art, historical artifacts, and cultural items. Secret museums are a great place to go on a date if you want to do something different. These strange places talk about movies, music, history, video games, and more.

19. Get creative with crafts

You want to learn a new skill or start a hobby with your partner this year, right? It’s easy to get started when there are so many craft places in the city. You can choose from skills like screen printing, making things out of leather, writing, and pottery.

20. Art jamming, anyone?

At art jamming workshops all over town, you can be like Picasso and make your own painting. Painting together is a fun and relaxing way to spend a date, whether you use a photo as a guide or just draw whatever comes to mind.


In summary, Singapore offers a wide range of exciting and unconventional date ideas that can add a special touch to your romantic experiences. Instead of sticking to the traditional dinner and a movie, you can explore various activities like crafting your own scent, embarking on outdoor escape room adventures, enjoying water sports, exploring the countryside, and much more. These unique date options allow you to create lasting memories and strengthen your connection with your partner while discovering different facets of Singapore’s charm and beauty.