The Best Eyelash Extension in Singapore

lash extensions singapore

At Singapore’s top eyelash extension services, bid adieu to short, sparse, stick-straight lashes and welcome to long, luxurious ones.

Let’s face it, we use as many cosmetic products as the next beauty obsessive, therefore we’re not beyond utilizing them all. Nothing compares to having thick, fluttering lashes that can turn attention with a just flick of the eyelid (with the aid of mascara). Eyelash extensions are the way to go since many of us in Singapore are plagued with really sparse or stubby lashes (no shame!).

Introduction to eyelash extension

To begin with, how do eyelash extensions function? Here’s what you should know before you dive down the YouTube rabbit hole of fails—trust us, if you don’t go to a legitimate salon, things can get very unpleasant.

The three primary categories of extensions are silk, synthetic, and mink. Want to wink at J. Lo? If you don’t mind the high cost, we’ve heard that mink is the way to go. In Singapore, synthetic and silk lashes are popular and reasonably priced substitutes. Additionally, they are quite adaptable, allowing you to achieve both subtle and dramatic glam doll flutters.

To prevent irritation, each lash is expertly bonded onto your natural lashes at a minimum distance of 1mm from your lash line. Naturally, if you’d want to be even more cautious, confirm that the salon utilizes lash adhesive free of formaldehyde. It might take two weeks to a month between sessions, each lasting around two hours, until your next touch-up.

Now that you’re well-informed, check out Singapore’s best eyelash extension salons to have your lashes looking amazing.

Top eyelash extension salons in Singapore

1. Dr. Lash

To guarantee the highest standards of safety and cleanliness, the comprehensive process here consists of an eyelash consultation, a lash health check, and a lash cleaning spa. Select your lashes from styles like diva, au natural, or the three Kardashian women. After that, choose your curl and length, and you’re ready to go!

Dr. Lash, multiple locations including Orchard, Paya Lebar, Tanjong Pagar and VivoCity

2. Lolita’s Lash

At Lolita’s Lash, all treatments are performed by professionally licensed extensionists, so this is no joke. Are you pressed for time? Unlike typical perming solutions, which take at least 45 minutes to take action, the Elleebana Lash Lift raising solution takes five to eight minutes to work. Oh, and for an extra layer of defense, keratin is also applied to each lash. Here come the lashes that last!

Lolita’s Lash, #01-10, The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Road, Singapore 058416

3. J. Lashes

We believe J. Lashes offers the best eyelash extension treatments around. Use the traditional eye makeup to get the au natural appearance without trying too hard. Here, there are up to 400 individual strands affixed to your existing lashes—none of those awful broom-like lashes. For a natural-looking but fuller appearance, we recommend the Camellia method, which uses up to six distinct lengths of synthetic lashes. I apologize, what mascara?

J. Lashes, #02-02/03, 111 Somerset Road, Singapore 238164

4. KJStudio

KJStudio is a Japanese expert-run eyelash salon. Apart from the flawless service, it makes our list because of the treatments it provides, which include volume lash extensions, color gradation (ideal for those who want to add some color to their peepers), and single lash extensions (which start at $70 for 80 lashes).

KJStudio, multiple locations including Keong Saik and East Coast

5. Dreamlash

As we’ve said time and time again, Koreans are the best at all things beautiful. You may be sure that Dreamlash will give you K-star-quality, naturally-looking lashes. Lash specialists will tailor the ideal lash style for your eye shape using a single strand approach. You may create your ideal lashes with the proper length, thickness, and curl here, just like at other lash salons. However, with the assistance of a qualified therapist, you may also “correct” your eye form in this case (a downturned eye, for instance).

Dreamlash, multiple locations including Citylink Mall and Compass One

6. Private Room

Therapists at Private Room don’t count eyelashes. Unlike other lash salons, strand-by-strand extensions are infinite. Try the Russian Volume technique, which gives even the most sparse lashes va-va-voom volume by applying two to nine thin extensions to each natural lash to generate softer volume.

Private Room, multiple locations including Holland Village and Zion Road

7. Milly’s Singapore

This one-stop shop for beauty merits all the praise it receives since its services are always excellent and reasonably priced. These synthetic, single-fibre polyester lashes are available in different lengths, thicknesses, and styles. Although there are other options for cluster lashes, we advise sticking with single lashes. Choose a curl type, length (between 6 and 15 mm), and style (natural or ultra-glamorous) to personalize your ideal lashes.

Milly’s Singapore, multiple locations including Suntec City, Tampines 1 and Plaza Singapura

8. Qween Lashes

If you’re looking for lashes that are really rich, Qween lashes has them. To rival the Kardashians’ voluminous effect, the highly sought-after Russian lash extensions apply a fan of four to nine eyelashes to each lash.

Qween Lashes, #05-07, International Building, 360 Orchard Road, Singapore 238869

9. Browhaus

Don’t be misled by the term; these brow experts are also adept at applying lash extensions. Try the Lash In Bloom procedure, which applies handcrafted, semi-permanent eyelashes one by one to produce the ideal, luscious, natural set of lashes that lasts for three to six weeks. Browhaus also provides lash coloring and curling, with rates beginning at $45, for a more understated look.

Browhaus, multiple locations including Ion Orchard, Great World and Tampines

10. Allure Secrets

Do you like the warm, inviting space of a salon at home? Westies, the secret is out. Thanks to its reasonable costs, easy extension procedure, and strict sanitary requirements, this is an underground favorite. There are four varieties of expansions available: volume 2D, 3D, 4D/5D, and traditional. They follow the exacting procedure that dictates a space of 1 to 2 mm between the lash line and the extension to protect the follicles (you don’t have to worry about skin inflammations!).

Allure Secrets, Block 229, Bukit Batok East Avenue 3, Singapore 650229