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Part-time jobs in Singapore have become increasingly popular, catering to a varied variety of persons ranging from students to working professionals looking for extra income. This spike in interest underlines the flexibility and variety that part-time jobs provide in Singapore’s dynamic job market.

Part-time jobs in Singapore are a sensible choice for anyone looking to supplement their income, obtain vital work experience, or manage work and personal obligations. This blog is dedicated to guiding you through the myriad of job sites that simplify the process of finding these opportunities.

Best Singapore Job Sites for Hiring Part-Timers

In the quest for part-time employment in Singapore, the right job site can make all the difference. With an array of platforms each offering unique features and a wide range of opportunities, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice. Here’s a closer look at some of the best job sites tailored for those seeking part-time jobs in Singapore.

Fast Jobs

Fast Jobs is a specialized platform in Singapore catering specifically to part-time and temporary job seekers. Known for its user-friendly interface and mobile application, Fast Jobs Singapore allows users to swiftly navigate through various listings.

The app’s quick apply feature enables candidates to apply for jobs with just a few clicks, making it highly efficient for those in urgent need of part-time work. Its focus on non-executive and part-time roles makes it a preferred choice for students, homemakers, and individuals looking for side gigs or temporary positions.

The site also offers valuable resources like career tips and job market insights, making it more than just a job search portal. With a strong emphasis on simplicity and speed, Fast Jobs stands out as a go-to platform for finding part-time jobs in Singapore quickly and efficiently.

Job Street

Job Street is one of the leading job search websites in Singapore, offering a wide range of part-time job opportunities across various industries. Renowned for its extensive database, Job Street provides a diverse array of job listings, making it a versatile platform for different job seekers.

The website’s easy navigation and advanced search filters allow users to find part-time jobs that suit their specific needs and skills. Job Street Singapore also offers additional resources like salary guides and career advice, aiding job seekers in making informed decisions.

It’s particularly beneficial for those seeking part-time roles that align with their career aspirations or academic pursuits, ensuring a match that benefits both the employer and the employee.


Indeed is a global job search engine that aggregates job listings from various websites, making it an extensive source for part-time jobs in Singapore. Its powerful search engine and comprehensive filtering options allow users to refine their search to specific part-time roles, industries, and locations.

Indeed’s user-friendly interface and regularly updated listings make it a reliable resource for the latest job opportunities. Indeed Singapore also allows users to upload their resumes and apply directly to jobs, streamlining the application process. With its vast range of listings and convenient application process, Indeed is an invaluable tool for those seeking part-time employment in Singapore’s dynamic job market.

My Careers Future

My Careers Future is a Singapore government-initiated platform designed to facilitate job matching based on skills and competencies. It focuses on promoting local employment, including part-time opportunities, aligning with Singapore’s broader economic and workforce development goals. The site is particularly noteworthy for its integration of skills-based matching technology, ensuring that job seekers find roles that match their skill sets.

My Careers Future also offers resources like career insights and articles, helping users stay informed about industry trends and job market developments. This platform is especially useful for those seeking part-time roles that contribute to their long-term career growth and skills development in Singapore.


JobsDB is a prominent job portal in Asia, offering a broad spectrum of part-time job opportunities in Singapore. The platform is known for its user-friendly design and efficient search functionality, enabling job seekers to find suitable part-time positions with ease.

JobsDB Singapore regularly updates its listings, providing a fresh and diverse range of job options. The site also features helpful tools such as job alerts, which notify users about new openings that match their preferences.

JobsDB’s commitment to providing a seamless job search experience makes it a valuable resource for those looking to explore part-time work opportunities in Singapore’s diverse job market.


GrabJobs distinguishes itself as a modern job search platform focused on efficiency and ease of use. It’s particularly tailored for part-time job seekers in Singapore who are looking for quick employment opportunities.

The unique feature of GrabJobs is its simplified application process, where candidates can apply for jobs without the need for a traditional resume. This approach is ideal for individuals seeking part-time roles, as it reduces the time and effort typically associated with job applications.

GrabJobs also offers an interactive chatbot for a more engaging job search experience, providing users with job recommendations and application status updates. For those seeking flexible and immediate part-time work options, GrabJobs is an innovative and practical choice.

Freelance Zone

Freelance Zone is a specialized platform catering to freelancers and part-time job seekers in Singapore. It is designed to connect skilled professionals with flexible work opportunities, ranging from short-term projects to longer-term part-time roles.

The platform is ideal for individuals who prefer a flexible work schedule and those looking to leverage their specific skill sets in a freelance capacity. Freelance Zone provides a diverse selection of job listings across various industries, allowing users to find opportunities that align with their expertise and interests.

Additionally, the site offers resources and tips for freelancers, making it a comprehensive tool for those embarking on or advancing their freelance careers in Singapore.


LinkedIn, while primarily a professional networking site, also serves as a robust platform for job searching, including part-time positions in Singapore. Its advantage lies in its vast network of professionals and companies, providing users with access to a wide range of job opportunities and industry insights.

LinkedIn part time jobs allows users to filter job searches for part-time roles, making it easier to find relevant positions. Additionally, the platform’s networking features enable job seekers to connect with industry professionals and potential employers, adding a valuable dimension to the job search process.

For those looking to combine professional networking with job hunting, especially for part-time roles that align with their career goals, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource in Singapore’s job market.

Get a Part Time Job in Singapore Today

Securing a part-time job in Singapore is not just about earning extra income. It is also an opportunity to gain valuable experience, enhance skills, and balance work with other life commitments. With the vibrant and diverse job market in Singapore, there are ample opportunities for everyone, from students to working professionals, to find part-time roles that suit their schedules and career goals.

The first step in this journey is to identify your strengths, interests, and the kind of part-time work you’re looking for. Are you seeking a role in retail, F&B, or perhaps something more aligned with your field of study or professional expertise? Knowing this helps narrow down your search and target the right opportunities.

Next, utilize various job portals like Fast Jobs, Job Street, Indeed, My Careers Future, JobsDB, GrabJobs, Freelance Zone, and LinkedIn. These platforms offer a plethora of options and cater to a wide range of industries and job types. Customize your search based on your preferences, such as location, industry, and work hours, to find the most relevant listings.

Crafting a compelling resume and cover letter is crucial. Even for part-time roles, employers look for candidates who can demonstrate their skills and enthusiasm for the position. Tailor your application to each job, highlighting experiences and skills that are relevant to the role.

Networking can also play a significant role in finding part-time jobs in Singapore. Attend job fairs, engage with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn, and join community groups related to your field of interest. Sometimes, opportunities come from connections made through networking.

Lastly, prepare for interviews. Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting or a virtual interview, presenting yourself professionally and being prepared to discuss your skills and experiences confidently can make a significant difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it difficult to find a part time job in Singapore?

Finding a part-time job in Singapore varies in difficulty depending on several factors such as the industry, your skill set, and the current job market conditions.

Additionally, having a well-prepared resume and being flexible with job requirements can improve your chances of securing a part-time position.

Is a part time job considered as employed in Singapore?

Yes, part-time workers are considered employed in Singapore. Part-time employment typically refers to working fewer hours than a full-time employee within the same industry and often entails a different set of labor laws and regulations.

While part-time workers might not have all the benefits of full-time employment, such as comprehensive health insurance, they are still recognized as part of the workforce and contribute to the economy.

What is the hourly salary range for a part-time worker?

The hourly salary for part-time workers in Singapore varies widely depending on the industry, job role, and the worker’s experience and qualifications.

Entry-level roles in retail or F&B typically offer around S$7 to S$10 per hour, while more specialized roles, such as those in IT or tutoring, can command higher rates. It’s important to note that salary ranges can fluctuate based on demand, economic conditions, and changes in minimum wage laws.