Best and Exciting Free Things to do in Singapore

free things to do in singaporeKnown for its chic rooftop bars, great outdoor dining establishments, and brunch locations, Singapore is considered one of the most expensive cities globally. Don’t worry, however. With this list of amazing free things to do in Singapore, we want to show you the other side of the city if you’ve spent all your money on satisfying your eating and shopping addictions. Without paying a dime, just kick back and take in all that this tiny red dot has to offer.


The free things you can do in Singapore

  1. Singapore is basically an island, despite being a busy metropolis. Relax and enjoy the sun at one of our beautiful beaches; there are several of waterfront locations scattered over the island.
  2. Sentosa is offering great beachside outdoor cinema experiences, which we like. On some Fridays, weekends, and public holidays, you may watch free movies. Reservations.
  3. You’ll adore this if you like the Marina Bay Sands’ Spectra light and water display. With a height of 80 meters, the Sentosa SkyJet at Central Beach Bazaar is perhaps Southeast Asia’s highest fountain. During the day, you may enjoy it under a clear blue sky. However, we advise visiting at night when the stream is illuminated by 24 LED lights that are added to the mix.
  4. In case you haven’t heard, the newest popular pastime in the neighborhood is train or bus spotting. Several train aficionados have been seen rising early to catch the first trains of the day. Are you curious about the date of the next community event? To get specific train updates, be sure to follow SGTrains on social media. See Singapore’s most exquisite MRT stations while you’re there.
  5. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a great concert when you can attend free live shows at Esplanade including both domestic and foreign performers.
  6. Do you like drawing? Come sketch interesting sceneries at regular “Sketchwalk” gatherings organized by the kind people at Urban Sketchers Singapore. They have appeared at Redhill, Bishan Park, and Esplanade, among other places.
  7. Take care of your physical and emotional well-being by participating in the Health Promotion Board’s programs, which include information on exercise, a balanced diet, and self-care. You may schedule free fitness courses with your family as well!
  8. Despite Singapore’s small size, we don’t always like strolling to our next location. With the aid of our riding guide, try taking a bike tour around our lovely city.
  9. At Honeycombers, we value sustainability greatly. Should you share the same sentiments, how about volunteering at Rescue Food with SG to contribute to the reduction of food waste? You may take part in a number of initiatives, such rescuing fruits and vegetables that shop owners would throw out.
  10. Parents should read this one! Don’t bother remaining snuggled by the air conditioner. Take the kids to one of the city’s wonderful water parks to enjoy the free water play areas and cool down.
  11. Any day of the week, we like a good dose of live music. However, instead of shelling out cash for a pricey drink, why not check out some outdoor bars? Le Noir and Timbre in the Arts House are excellent venues for live music. We’re willing to wager that not everyone who passes by will stop to observe the bands.
  12. There is no need to introduce Kampong Glam. There’s more to this trendy neighborhood than simply hipster pubs and cafés. Visit the Gelam Gallery, located in the back alleyways, to see artwork and murals created by regional artists. It’s on Muscat Street, just next to Masjid Sultan.
  13. If you believe in astrology and that Mercury is retrograde, visit Seletar Rocket Tower. With high-tech telescopes, you can see the beautiful stars that guard the Lion City for nothing.
  14. Give to people in need to make your day happier. There are many of volunteer options in Singapore where you may get karma points and have a great time, regardless of the charity you choose to support.
  15. Consider taking a one-way flight to hell (15). The Ten Courts of Hell are portrayed at the bizarre theme park Haw Par Villa; picture gloomy sculptures and dioramas. We want more and more! The remainder of the park is free to access, while there is a cost to enter Hell’s Museum.
  16. This metropolis of skyscrapers has just as much vegetation as concrete, despite popular belief. Spend time in nature or have a picnic in one of our lovely hidden parks.
  17. It’s time to return the favor to the environment if you like spending time at the beach. To keep your favorite beaches clean, get together with other beach lovers and plan a beach cleanup. Simply register here to begin your sprucing.
  18. There are a ton of museums, some of which are hidden away, for culture vultures to explore. We’ve drawn a lot of inspirational artwork and well-known museum exhibits throughout the years. The finest aspect? It’s great that the majority of these institutions provide free entrance to citizens and long-term residents!
  19. Gillman Barracks is an ideal location for appreciating art. For a taste of modern art, here is the place to go, since art galleries are located in former colonial barracks.
  20. Take a hike on one of Singapore’s numerous walking paths and immerse yourself in the natural world. Because of the Treetop Walk, an aerial walkway that offers a bird’s eye perspective of the forest canopy, MacRitchie Reservoir Park is our favorite. We particularly like the Southern Ridges and the Dairy Farm Nature Walk! To learn more, see our comprehensive hiking guide in Singapore.


Here are all the enjoyable and cost-free activities available in Singapore! Not terrible for such a wealthy city, huh?