Singapore’s Top Ice Cream Parlors for Irresistible Desserts

Singapore's Top Ice Cream Parlors for Irresistible Desserts

Is it possible to refuse ice cream in Singapore on a regular basis? The act of indulging in icy cold bliss has gone a long way from the time when we heinously devoured raspberry ripple ice cream on top of colored bread that was given to us by the uncle who owned the ice cream shop (not that we are complaining about it either!). Currently, there is an abundance of confectioneries in Singapore that specialize in the sweet delicacy, as well as its traditional and unconventional flavors. So forget about the calories (we’ll go to the gym for that additional session), be a discriminating ice cream aficionado, and visit these locations for a delight that is certain to be one hundred percent. A word of caution: things are about to get messy!

Where to get the best ice cream in Singapore

1. Around

Would you want your ice cream with a side of vibes? To be sure, yes. The glasshouse café Around is located in Tampines and provides a variety of desserts, including cakes, acai bowls, and even mocktails that are served on top of ice cream. This establishment offers a variety of flavors, such as strawberry cheesecake, peppermint chocolate, and hazelnut rocher. You should serve your scoops with waffles, which are light and fluffy and have a satisfying crunch. If you come for the ice cream, you should remain for the good looks. A word of advice: don’t forget to snap a lot of pictures!

Around, The Alps Residences, 117 Tampines Street 86, Singapore 528538

2. Hundred Acre Creamery

You should come here if you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh since here is the place to be. The proprietors of the café argue that the characters in the famous narrative have a connection to ice cream because they celebrate pleasure, happiness, and camaraderie. The cafe was inspired by the story and its characters. Because everything is prepared from natural and fresh ingredients, there are no artificial flavors or colorings used in the production process. Choose the trademark coconut pandan waffle, which has a texture that is both chewy and crunchy.

Hundred Acre Creamery, multiple locations including Tampines and Clementi; order online for delivery

3. Fatcat

At Fatcat, the menu is continually being updated to highlight a wide variety of flavors, with a particular focus on regional flavors and food that is relevant to the current season. The creative team that is responsible for Fatcat is not hesitant to try out new ideas in order to come up with the next great thing. This is a traditional combination: scoops of ice cream on top of a freshly cooked waffle. However, if you stop by Fatcat, you will have the opportunity to try some of their new inventions, such as coconut rum and raisin, pulut hitam, and other similar flavors, which will provide you with a dessert experience that is unlike any other.

Fatcat, 15 Simon Road, Singapore 545907

4. Burnt Cones

The people who work at Burnt Cones are on a mission to share their enthusiasm for delicious cuisine that is prepared using only the highest quality ingredients. Moreover, it seems that this has struck a chord with a great number of other dessert enthusiasts, since the brand has developed a devoted following. Having delicious meals, excellent coffee, and, of course, sweets is the most important thing. Even though there are a lot of wonderful alternatives for breakfast, we are particularly interested in the gelato that is made in small batches. We spend a lot of time discussing the ways in which ice cream and waffles work together, but when you come here, you absolutely must have the distinctive crispy burned cones.

Burnt Cones, multiple locations including Clementi and Marina Bay

5. Yocha Tea & Desserts

The fact that ice cream isn’t the only item that is offered in the cozy establishments with Yocha is one of the things that makes Yocha so entertaining and distinctive. You have the option of selecting from a variety of bubble tea or smoothies, or you may go with the grass jelly dessert dish and add any toppings you see appropriate. Because there is something for people of all ages, you should bring your family with you so that you may experience a wide range of sweets in one location. The method of piling a mountain of ice cream on top of waffles that are crisp is still our go-to.

Yocha, multiple locations including Tampines and Serangoon

6. Sunday Folks

This popular bar in Holland Village takes great pride in their handmade pints, which are produced fresh and do not include any preservatives. Remember to have your phones out in order to capture that Instagrammable moment before the ice cream melts. This restaurant is famous for serving ice cream swirls on waffles that have been cooked to perfection and for having creative toppings. Get your hands on some artisanal variations like as sea salt gula melaka, dark chocolate ferrero, and earl grey lavender to make your day more enjoyable.

Sunday Folks, multiple locations including Chip Bee Gardens and Ion Orchard; order online for delivery

7. Birds of Paradise

Have a need for a sweet treat? For fresh gelato that is produced with natural and botanically-inspired ingredients including as chrysanthemum blooms, hojicha, and basil, you can go to either East Coast or Jewel Changi Airport. It should come as no surprise that consumers keep coming back for more of these flavors since they are both familiar and distinctive. You will know that you have arrived at the correct location if you begin to smell thyme emanating from the cones that have just been fried.

Birds Of Paradise, multiple locations including Mandai Wildlife West and Jewel Changi Airport

8. Creamier

When it comes to those who have not yet had Creamier’s renowned flavors, allow us to fill you in: the ice cream is produced in small amounts and has a changing selection of flavors that are reminiscent of the past. Products like as roasted pistachio, Earl Grey lavender, and blue pea vanilla are among the most popular items. Additionally, be sure you always order the handmade waffles. In our opinion, it is one of the fluffiest in the whole town.

Creamier, multiple locations include Toa Payoh and Punggol; order online for delivery

9. Tom’s Palette

Having a sense of adventure? The most out-of-the-ordinary flavors are created by Tom’s Palette, which includes everything from salted egg yolk to white chocolate nori and even parmesan cheese with cream crackers. When it comes to ice cream, these individuals are continuously coming up with creative solutions. In no other place will you discover a menu that is as inventive as this one! It is recommended that you monitor the company’s social media accounts for updates if you are interested in knowing what flavors are going to be introduced in the near future.

Tom’s Palette, #01-01, 51 Middle Road, Singapore 188959

10. Dopa Dopa Creamery

Creme brulee and croissants, both? What a perfectly matched duo! The Dopa Dopa Creamery was established on the concept of joyful moments, and we couldn’t think of a better method to bring about pleasure than with this decadent and buttery mixture. The term “dopamine” served as the inspiration for the establishment. Fill your pie with scoops of quality roasted pistachio, matcha with cheesecake chunks, or even soursop. These are all options that you may choose from.

Dopa Dopa Creamery, multiple locations including Tanjong Pagar and South Bridge Road

11. Gelatolabo

Small batch pints are produced by the individuals who are behind Gelatolabo, who are always experimenting in the kitchen. These are produced using fresh fruits, as well as ingredients that are sourced locally and organic wherever it is feasible to do so. Colombian cold brew with cookie butter pieces, Yamanashi peach and lemongrass, and Kyoto shiso with yuzu jelly are some of the intriguing flavors that are available.

Gelatolabo, multiple locations including Faber Drive and Everton Park; order online for delivery

12. Holy Cow Creamery

It is true that you are here for the ice cream, but believe us when we say that you really must try the waffles at Holy Cow Creamery. The fact that they are thick on the inside and crispy on the exterior means that they are able to absorb all of the flavor that is contained in your ice cream. You may choose from a variety of alternatives, including honeycomb, chocolate chip mint, and sour plum sorbet. The only thing we can say is, holy cow.

Holy Cow Creamery, multiple locations including North Bridge Road and Yishun

13. Lickers

Considering that it is open till two in the morning, this ice cream parlor is the ideal location for a sweet rendezvous since it is a hidden treasure. We like the house-made ice cream since it comes in a variety of bizarre flavors, such as Yakult Oreo and oolong lavender, and it does not include any artificial flavoring or mixes that are purchased from a store. Indeed, we gave the former a go, and let’s just say that we’re sold on it. In the event that you are not in the mood to trek all the way to its outlets, the restaurant also provides delivery!

Lickers, multiple locations including Telok Blangah and Hougang; order online for delivery

14. Island Creamery

The handmade ice cream scene in Singapore was pioneered by Stanley Kwok, who founded Island Creamery in 2003. Island Creamery is considered to be one of the pioneers in this sector. From pulut hitam to Horlicks to soursop pomegranate, the variety of flavors that are native to the area is something that we are really enjoying.

Island Creamery, multiple locations including Bukit Timah and Ion Orchard

15. Apiary

Throughout Singapore, Apiary has garnered a lot of praise for the ice cream that it offers. Although the blue milk and lavender varieties are particularly noteworthy, even the traditional tastes are well of a taste. Due to the fact that all dairy products are pasteurized in the kitchen, you may anticipate a rich and creamy consistency, as well as a large grin on your face when you are stuffing your face with dairy products.

Apiary, multiple locations includng Joo Chiat and Neil Road; order online for delivery

To combat the heat in Singapore, who is willing to grab a scoop of ice cream and enjoy it instead?