The Unique Stylish Souvenirs and Gifts in Singapore

singapore souvenirs

Looking for a locally inspired gift? You’re in luck since Singapore has a ton of excellent mementos. First things first, disregard whatever you’ve ever learned about standard keepsakes. This includes your assortment of tacky magnets, drab chocolates, and neon-colored postcards with lettering in Comic Sans. After you’ve finished sampling regional cuisine and shopping for locally produced clothing and cosmetics, check out this selection of chic Singapore mementos. We have a ton of amazing goods from regional independent businesses and artists.


Cool gifts and unique souvenirs from Singapore

Luxury mementos from Raffles Boutique

This is a must-see if you’re seeking for a keepsake that embodies elegance and tradition. Located within the renowned Raffles Hotel Singapore, this stylish boutique provides a carefully chosen assortment of mementos, interior design items, and fine dining experiences. Imagine: a handmade home décor piece, the iconic kaya jam from Raffles, a Singapore Sling magnet, and more. Its retail concept, with décor that honors the bygone past, combines luxury with timeless legacy. Raffles Boutique, however, is more than simply a store.

Visit the legacy gallery, a special area that narrates the hotel’s history and development. Do you want to bring a little of this legacy with you? Get one-of-a-kind mementos with the Raffles Hotel’s emblem, such as a camera bag or pillow cover. Whatever your interest—history buff, luxury aficionado, or inquisitive traveler—you won’t know where to start with these wonderful finds.

Raffles Boutique, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673


Orchid-inspired perfumes and scents from Singapore Memories

Do you want to capture Singapore’s signature scent in a bottle? Nothing, in our opinion, more embodies our beautiful island than the orchid, which is also our national flower. For this reason, we like the mementos from Singapore Memories, which are fashioned from fragrant flowers that can be found all around the island.

Scents like the powerful and manly Aranda 1965 and the gentle but alluring Vanda 1981 are part of its orchid perfume collection. Our best choice? The Singapore Girl, a legendary figure. This vintage scent, which epitomized the refined Singaporean lady of the 1960s, was revived in 2014 by Singapore Memories to reflect the contemporary Singaporean woman. In addition to perfumes, fill your living area with its range of room scents, which includes Atas, an homage to the local vernacular, Singlish, Raffles Heritage, and Therapeutic Orchids.


Singapore-inspired spirits by Tanglin Gin

So you want to bottle up and carry home the tiny red dot because you like it so much? Singapore Gin is the next big thing. This award-winning spirit, produced by the nearby distillery Tanglin Gin, combines flavors from traditional Asian ingredients including ginger, dried chilli seeds, mandarin peel, and cassia. The first-ever Orchid Gin from Singapore, which is created unique with amchoor, java pepper, and vanilla planifolia, is also available for purchase.

Tanglin Gin, shop online


A box full of local snacks from Send Thinks

Nothing brings back memories of home quite like childhood treats and new ones with classic flavors reinvented. Give them a taste bomb that will astound them if you’re trying to impress a guest or choose a present for someone who is missing the Lion City. Send Thinks’ Snack package Singapore is a carefully crafted package with of popular city favorites and nostalgic treats from mother shops. Savor regional favorites like kaya, curry, and laksa, or discover a whole new world of flavors. By including a personalized note with it, you may quickly become their preferred present giver.


Porcelain plates from Supermama

The blue and white porcelain items, created in Japan and designed in Singapore, are very popular. Specifically, the excellent plates have a variety of well-known patterns. Look through collections influenced by famous people and places in the area, such as the Merlion, kopitiam floor tiles, and landmarks. These really capture the essence of Singapore!


Chew toys from Furball Collective

The chew and crinkle toys in Furball Collective’s collection will provide your furry friend with all the island vibes they need, whether or not you think your pet is as Singaporean as you are. Give your dog or cat toys designed in the region, such as steamboat sets, ice cream sandwiches, kopi cups, and gem cookies. The curry fish head bed set, which will make your dog seem to be playfully coiled up in a pot of simmering broth, is our particular favorite.

Furball Collective, shop online


Peranakan-themed items from Cat Socrates

Because of its unique assortment of treasures with a local flair, Cat Socrates is a true favorite. You may discover the vivid heritage print on pouches, notepads, beach bags, pins, wrapping paper, and bamboo dishes if you share our obsession with Peranakan tiles. While you’re at it, pick up a copy of Singapore Shophouse—it’s jam-packed with wise nuggets!


Nostalgic pins from The Little Drom Store

Enjoy adding unique pins to your clothing and purses? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. Stock up on these little, locally inspired items. Antiquated mementos and Singaporean delicacies will be on display, along with famous playgrounds and historical features from the nation’s past.


Printed scarves from Binary Style

Simply take a look at the Little India-inspired abstract print by Binary Style to see how exceptionally distinctive they are. It has a lavish color scheme of deep purples and greens, fortune-telling parrots, peacock feathers, and the neighborhood’s renowned windows, all of which reflect the wealthy mood of the region. Other prints include elements of Singapore’s Peranakan tiles, flowers, birds, and Chinatown, Joo Chiat, Tiong Bahru, and Bugis.


Singapore breakfast tea from TWG Tea

With a cup of this local brand’s garden city-inspired morning tea, start your day with the ideal brew. It’s a delicious combination of black and green tea, enhanced by spices and vanilla. You’ll be ready to take on the day if you pair it with kaya toast or a substantial meal of nasi lemak.

TWG Tea, shop online