The Comprehensive Guide Of Entertaining Activities For Team Building In Singapore

The Comprehensive Guide Of Entertaining Activities For Team Building In Singapore

Oh, colleagues: you see them for at least eight hours a day, you share a co-working space with them, and you make choices together that may determine the success or failure of a campaign. It should come as no surprise that establishing a rapport among members of a team is critical to the achievement of success, regardless of whether you are a green rookie with a gleam in your eye or a seasoned veteran who is on the edge of feeling bitter. Are you in need of assistance in determining what to do and where to go? In this article, we discuss some of our favorite activities for team building in Singapore that will transform your crew into a #workfam.

1. Create custom scents together

Your team will have the opportunity to experience a sensory adventure unlike any other at Scentopia. This hidden treasure in Sentosa provides a fun hands-on activity for parties of varying sizes, from a close-knit group of five to a boisterous party of 600 people. You may choose from a variety of do-it-yourself smell alternatives, such as making your own reed diffusers or creating your own unique scents.

What is our #1 recommendation? This team-building game, known as “5 Senses,” is designed to take any group on an enthralling trip via the sense of smell. It starts with icebreaker activities like as a “sniff and guess” game and an MBTI-based perfume test, and it concludes with a do-it-yourself session in which each individual creates their own perfume according to their personal preferences. Do not go any further than Scentopia’s team bonding workshop if you are looking for a fun activity that will help you strengthen your team and will conclude with a wonderful aroma that everyone can take home with them! Want to take a whiff?

2. Let’s get smashing

Are you familiar with the days when you feel like you’ve been beaten down by your job and all you want to do is shatter something? In point of fact, it is a great deal of stuff. It’s possible that your coworkers are experiencing the same thing as well. Make sure that everyone is gathered together, and then make your way to The Fragment Room, where you may let out all of your wrath without feeling guilty. In addition to forty minutes of entertainment, the usual package comes with a crate full of breakables. If it is not sufficient, you may add electronics and a second crate to the mix. The beast mode is activated! You should be sure to record the hijinks so that you may look back on them and chuckle.

The Fragment Room, 490 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368198

3. Hidden.Sg

Searching for an activity that is both inexpensive and uncomplicated? The team should get together and go on an immersive journey that is self-guided and powered by Hidden. The cost per person is $25.You will be able to uncover secret history, solve cryptic riddles, and acquire clues throughout your time at Sg. Be sure to keep a look out for unexpected treats at local businesses along the road to show your support for the community. There is no need to be concerned since the game may be played at your own speed with predetermined pauses. Alternatively, you can choose to play indoor games at venues such as Marina Bay Sands and Jewel Changi Airport for an even higher level of comfort.

This exercise for establishing teams is meant to be hassle-free and accessible to people of all ages, and it is accomplished exclusively via the use of WhatsApp. All you need to do is introduce yourself to your virtual guide, the mysterious Void Deck Cat, and then wait for the instructions to come in real time. What is the most enjoyable aspect? Because it may be played at any time and on any day, it will be able to fit in well with even the most hectic work schedules. Would you want to go on an adventure?

Hidden.Sg, various locations around Singapore

4. Explore another universe (virtually)

Because we were previously stranded in Singapore (due to Miss Rona), we are all feeling a little bit bored with the same sights and noises that we have been experiencing. Take your group to some of the most outlandish virtual reality arcades in Lion City, and you will be transported to another planet. If you are seeking for something that is out of this world, you should have this experience. In this conversation, we will discuss the challenges of overcoming aliens, overcoming problems in space, and surviving zombie invasions as a group. At this point, are you prepared to start playing?

5. Attend a craft workshop

When it comes to finding solutions to problems in the workplace, creativity is a valuable asset; yet, it is also a muscle that has to be refined and exercised. What could possibly be a more enjoyable way to do this than by participating in a craft session in the city? Classes that will get your creative juices flowing and put your talents to the test include things like distilling gin, weaving tapestries, and manufacturing leather goods. In order to make things more exciting, you should ask your coworkers to produce something for their particular partners and teammates at the same time. The present that a coworker gave us could not possibly be more thoughtful.

6. Rock n’ roll with your band

The fact that you are dressed in a suit does not imply that you are incapable of bringing the house down with your music. Join forces with your coworkers to form a band and express your anger against the corporation. It is certain that it will be enjoyable! It is not necessary to have any prior musical expertise in order to succeed in the Bandinc program offered by Team Music; in only three hours, you will learn two songs. When it comes to cooperation, teamwork, and having a good time, there is nothing quite like band practice. The studio is the place where you can let your inner rock and roll diva out to play. Additionally, the location will take images and videos of your time in the limelight, so you will be able to share them with others and show off your accomplishments.

7. Go indoor skydiving

R. Kelly, you are always encouraging us to have faith that we are capable of flying and touching the clouds. An indoor skydiving experience is something you should attempt if you want to take him literally. Make your way down to iFly Singapore, where the biggest themed wind tunnel in the world is anticipating your arrival so that you and your colleagues may take flight. Within a secure and enclosed environment that offers a glimpse of the South China Sea, this is the closest approach to the genuine thing that you can get. Take the jump, have faith in your coworkers, persevere through your anxieties, and while you’re doing it, create some memories that will last a lifetime.

8. Solve mysteries and crack puzzles

The amazing escape rooms in Singapore that will put your wits to the test and make your brain work hard are what we are talking about here. You have the ability to choose from a wide variety of fanciful situations, such as a murder scene, Harry Potter themes, demonic circuses, and so on, and then solve the secrets of the chamber in order to ‘escape’ within the allotted amount of time. If you have a large team, you should divide yourself into smaller groups in order to build camaraderie more effectively (or to stir up love rumors, #officedrama).

9. Get tipsy on tipples

The answer to this question is obvious, particularly if you work among coworkers who are enthusiastic about happy hour. The business should close early, a few of tables should be reserved at a rooftop bar or a clandestine speakeasy, and rounds should be ordered for everyone. Don’t forget to bring mocktails for those who don’t drink alcohol! As night falls, the concerns that you have about your task will begin to go away. At this point, it is time to let go and reveal the truth…

10. Create your own office uniform

Although we are not discussing anything as big as the Power Rangers, a common thread may certainly go a long way in achieving our goals. By providing your staff with the opportunity to participate in sewing courses in Singapore, you may be able to witness the rewards of your labor, such as a business emblem that has been stitched up or a scarf that everyone can use when the temperature in the office becomes too chilly.

11. Learn kung-fu

If there is one thing that we have learned from the movie Ip Man, it is that if you train your employees martial arts, you will be able to build a workforce that is devoted to you. Although it is hoped that you will never have to defend yourself against any hooligans from the workplace, taking martial arts training might be beneficial in terms of instilling discipline and endurance in the team. To add insult to injury, they are going to go absolutely wild for this change of scenery!

12. Pick up a new skill at a cooking class

How many chefs are there to ruin the broth? If you do it in an effective manner, no! During culinary lessons, you should divide yourself into pairs or groups of three and make sure to assign responsibilities in a way that is both clear and exact. This will help you avoid any potential disasters. Imagine you are working on a large project for a customer that involves several parts, but instead of dealing with cumbersome computers, you will be handling china and silverware throughout the project. Who will know? There is a possibility that one of you may become the next pantry chef! In addition, we are aware that some of you will just demonstrate eye power.

13. Bust a move

When it comes to multitasking, do you have any coworkers that struggle? To ensure that nobody is stumbling about in the workplace like they have two feet on the ground, everyone should take dancing courses to improve their coordination. Not only are they beneficial to the intellect since they involve the memorization of routines, but if you choose a dance that needs group forms, such as line dancing or hip-hop, it will put everyone’s ability to work together to the forefront!

14. Sweat it out with team sports

It is acceptable for the team to engage in a spirit of healthy rivalry with one another, whether it be via the use of quotas or through Casual Fridays competitions to determine who dressed it best. However, if you want to be truly competitive before things become unpleasant at the next major meeting, settle the score with a game of sports that is played in a fair and square manner. This may include everything from bowling and football to cricket and frisbee. But after that, don’t be such a grumpy loser!

15. Roll the dice with board games

The moment you find yourself in a position where others rely on you and the obligations continue to pile up like a Jenga tower, you will know that you have reached the full extent of maturity. You may provide your staff with a little reprieve and make them feel like they are once again children by taking them to board game cafés in Singapore. There is no corporate duty or carefully worded emails here; it is simply sheer chance and a laid-back atmosphere that allows you to see various sides of your coworkers. Try your hand at a game of charades; it’s always a good time!