The Largest and Best Shopping Malls in Singapore

The Best Shopping Malls in Singapore

Ahoy, fellow shopaholics and mall wanderers! In Singapore, we’re not just talking about malls; we’re talking about a retail paradise where high-end shopping experiences are flourishing. With endless options, both in terms of quality and quantity, visitors find themselves in a shopper’s utopia. Our experts have test-driven the shopping experience, sipped on countless bubble teas to fuel their mall adventures, and explored deeply into the details of Singaporean retail therapy.

We’ve researched user experiences, analysed every shopper’s remark, and emerged with a selected guide to the largest and best shopping malls this island has to offer. To make your choices easier, we’ve rounded up the top 15 shopping malls in Singapore, each boasting outstanding ratings from numerous shoppers. Let’s explore the largest and best Singapore malls that are sure to capture your heart.

Top 15 Shopping Malls in Singapore

Singapore’s malls offer a little something for everyone – from trendy fashion finds and delightful dining to thrilling adventures and architectural marvels. If you’re in search of the perfect souvenir, a wardrobe upgrade, a classy dining experience, or just a spot to appreciate innovative architecture, these malls have everything. Here’s a carefully selected list of the largest and best shopping malls in Singapore:

ION Orchard

ION Ochard

Operating Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore

Welcome to Singapore’s most glamorous shopping haven – a stunning glass, marble, and steel masterpiece that goes above and beyond, even boasting extra special toilets catering to high-spending customers and celebrities. ION Orchard, a striking architectural marvel, shines like a futuristic landmark at the end of Orchard Road, beckoning fashion enthusiasts and luxury shoppers alike. Exceptional services, including a butler-style concierge and a fine-dining establishment by a celebrity chef, redefine the shopping experience.

ION Orchard greets visitors with a vibrant exterior that dazzles with brilliant colours as night falls. Don’t miss the culinary delights at the food hall, aptly named Food Opera, offering Singapore’s finest variety with over 80 vendors. ION Orchard is a cultural hub, hosting art exhibitions and providing an ‘Official Cloud Spotting Area’ courtesy of the ION Sky Observation deck.



Operating Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore

VivoCity stands tall as the largest shopping mall in Singapore, conveniently situated near the HarbourFront MRT station. Renowned for its expansive layout, it boasts open spaces, making it a standout among Singapore’s malls. On the second level, you’ll find a generous outdoor playground for the little ones, complemented by a rooftop ‘Skypark.’ This mega-mall isn’t just about shopping – it’s a complete experience, featuring Singapore’s largest cinema, the city’s most extensive toy store, an amphitheatre, a wading pool, and not one but four food courts.

VivoCity truly earns its title as a mega mall, offering a myriad of facilities and options. Navigating its vast expanse may require a map, but the one certainty is that this mall has it all. Head to the rooftop mini water playground for a refreshing break. After a shopping spree, catch a blockbuster at Golden Village’s Gold Class or satisfy your hunger with a wide array of eateries, including the latest Shake Shack addition to the city. VivoCity is a multifaceted haven for entertainment, dining, and family fun all under one roof.

The Paragon

Operating Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM

Address: 290 Orchard Road, Singapore

Paragon Shopping Centre is a premium destination for luxury shopping. This upscale mall not only offers an array of high-end consumer goods outlets and enticing food courts but is also a hub for regular live events. Boasting six levels, Paragon houses office spaces and is complemented by the Paragon Medical Tower, home to esteemed medical practitioners.

Paragon is a haven for luxury and trendy brands from around the globe. Live music sets the ambience every day, excluding Tuesdays, providing visitors with a delightful shopping experience. Keep an eye out for promotions that bring excitement to your upscale shopping journey at Paragon.

Knightsbridge Mall

Operating Hours: 12 PM to 9 PM

Address: 270 Orchard Road, Singapore

Knightsbridge Mall has become a testament to cutting-edge design. This mall, spanning four levels, offers retail outlets the freedom to customise their spaces with double façade frontages and direct street access. Knightsbridge Mall is entirely dedicated to fashion and jewellery, with flagship stores that define the mall’s identity. Guests can dine in style at the adjacent 5-star hotel, a stunning glass structure that mirrors the mall’s architectural brilliance.

An integral part of Singapore’s modern Grand Park Orchard Hotel, Knightsbridge Mall is a haven for luxury. Housing flagship stores of renowned names in luxury jewellery and fashion, it stands out with its unique feature allowing retail outlets to personalise their spaces with direct street access. Adding to its allure is a massive 450 sqm media wall broadcasting news and product launches, providing an immersive experience for visitors. Knightsbridge Mall exemplifies the fusion of luxury and innovation, making it a must-visit destination within Singapore’s bustling cityscape.

Funan Mall

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Address: 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore

Funan DigitaLife Mall, featuring over 190 brands organised by themes like technology, play, fashion, craft, and taste, is starting a new chapter. The mall has colourful areas and areas that blend in with its modern, industrial-chic design, such as the Tree of Life, the Kinetic Wall, a seven-story green wall, and an urban farm run by Edible Garden City on the top.

Funan Mall introduces Golden Village’s 14th multiplex, offering a premium cinema experience. For fitness enthusiasts, the mall houses boutique gym TFX, where you can engage in an intense workout session before cooling off with a refreshing dip in the pool. The revamped Funan Mall is a dynamic space that caters to diverse interests, creating a unique and immersive experience for visitors.

Mustafa Centre

Operating Hours: 11 AM to 8:30 PM

Address: 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore

Mustafa Centre prides itself as the sole Singaporean shopping mall that operates 24 hours a day, catering to a diverse clientele. While it may not exude the high-end aura of some sister malls, it caters to a wide range of shoppers, from budget-conscious individuals to those seeking premium products such as watches, clothing, textiles, and electronics. Renowned brands like Davidoff, Hugo Boss, Bvlgari, and L’Oréal can be found amidst the diverse offerings.

A distinctive market-style shopping experience awaits visitors at Mustafa Centre, with designer products available at affordable prices. The mall, actually two department stores seamlessly joined, organises goods under the Mustafa name, providing a streamlined shopping experience categorised by type. Open 24/7, it has become a Singapore institution, serving as the go-to place for anyone wondering, “Where can I find that?” Whether you’re seeking specific items or just exploring, Mustafa Centre offers a unique and vibrant shopping adventure.

Bugis Street

Operating Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM

Address: 200 Victoria Street, Singapore

Bugis Street is one of Singapore’s vibrant shopping destinations, seamlessly blending the charm of an open-air market with the convenience of an indoor department store. Situated in the Bugis development area, it exudes a funky atmosphere with a mix of colonial-inspired shophouses and hawker-style carts lining the main shopping avenue.

The mall boasts direct access to Bugis Street MRT Station, making it easily accessible and just a few MRT stops away from the city centre. A notable feature is the expansive glass roof that provides both shelter and an airy feel to the space. Whether you’re exploring the state-of-the-art cineplex, indulging in the diverse food court offerings, or perusing over a hundred retail outlets offering clothing, accessories, electronics, and souvenirs, Bugis Street offers a dynamic and engaging shopping experience.

Suntec City Mall

Operating Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM

Address: 5 Temasek Blvd, Singapore

Suntec City is a colossal multiplex, encompassing a sprawling exhibition space, a shopping mall, office towers, and a conference centre. Its immense size accommodates an array of flagship stores, movie theatres, sports arenas, and video arcade centres, creating a dynamic and multifaceted destination. Divided into four sections, Suntec City hosts popular brands, along with fitness centres and spas for visitors seeking relaxation.

The entertainment offerings at Suntec City extend beyond retail, featuring a movie theatre, video arcades, and frequent fairs and sporting tournaments. A complete experience in addition to shopping can be ensured by making the most of your time there by consulting the event calendar. Suntec City truly encapsulates the concept of a multifunctional space, catering to diverse interests within its expansive confines.

Ngee Ann City

Operating Hours: 10 AM to 9:30 PM

Address: 391A, Orchard Road, Singapore

Ngee Ann City is home to a prominent shopping and commercial complex, featuring two towering structures, A and B, and a vibrant civic plaza. The towers host a blend of office spaces, boutique stores, major department stores, and even the New Zealand High Commission. Notable attractions within Ngee Ann City include the renowned Takashimaya Department Store and Kinokuniya Bookstore, ranked as the second-largest bookstore in Asia.

The civic plaza serves as a dynamic space for various events, encompassing brand promotions, live music performances, and unique activities like sumo wrestling, rock climbing, and jousting. Ngee Ann City has become a landmark along Orchard Road, offering upscale shoppers a diverse array of brand names, bookstores, beauty parlours, and restaurants since the last century.

City Square Mall

Operating Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539.

Do you think you need to spend money on some shopping? City Square Mall offers a delightful nine floors of shopping, fun, and food options for the entire family to enjoy. Sports enthusiasts can explore the wonders of Decathlon’s second brick-and-mortar store in Singapore, a go-to destination for all your outdoor needs.

For those inclined towards home decorating, Home’s Harmony, Linen Gallery, V.Hive, Window Story, and more await to cater to your preferences. And, of course, let’s not forget the ever-popular Don Don Donki, featuring an expanded selection of Japanese cuisine, including delights like Japanese croquettes, Omu-soba, and sweet potato treats. There is something for you in this shopping paradise!

IMM Outlet Mall

Operating Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM

Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore

IMM Outlet Mall is widely recognized as the largest outlet mall in Singapore, boasting a substantial space housing approximately 85 outlet stores, 215 retail shops, and 60 food and beverage establishments. This retail haven offers top-notch brands at discounted prices, ensuring that quality remains paramount. With ongoing discounts throughout the year, customers can enjoy up to 80% off at every retail outlet, making it an irresistible shopping destination.

IMM Singapore showcase a diverse range of premium fashion brands and popular labels. Occupying the majority of the International Merchandising Mart (IMM) Building, this mall spans approximately 37,800 square metres, encompassing five levels and complemented by lifestyle stores such as Daiso and Sony. It’s a go-to destination for quality, trends, and unbeatable deals!

Far East Plaza

Operating Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM

Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, Singapore

Far East Plaza is one of Singapore’s more established shopping malls, attracting a hip, young crowd looking for unique bargains from emerging designers. Distinguishing itself with a down-to-earth shopping vibe, the mall boasts around 800 retail outlets spanning six levels, creating a vibrant mix for students and tourists on the lookout for distinctive finds.

This trendy destination caters to budget-conscious shoppers, offering a diverse range of Asia-centric fashion styles, including Hong Kong, Korean, retro, and vintage apparel. Far East Plaza encourages experimentation, whether in footwear or accessories, with its myriad of shops. Beyond fashion, the mall surprises visitors with regular sales and hosts small dress boutiques, perfect for those seeking tailor-made clothes and dresses. It’s a budget-friendly haven where style and savings coexist seamlessly.

Northpoint City

Opening Hours: 10 am–10 pm

Address: 930 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore 769098

Northpoint City takes the spotlight as the largest mall in northern Singapore, conveniently situated closest to Yishun MRT. Following its recent revamp, the mall offers a diverse array of retail shops and boasts an impressive lineup of over 50 eateries, including a speciality food precinct named The Makan Town. Northpoint City houses the Yishun Public Library, an education centre, a shopping area, and even a community organisation, combining leisure, learning, and community engagement within its expansive space.

Northpoint City proudly holds the title of the largest shopping mall in the northern part of Singapore, boasting two expansive retail wings housing over 400 dining and retail outlets. Here, shoppers can indulge in a delightful blend of local labels and well-known brands like Levi’s and Uniqlo.


Operating Hours: 10 am-10 pm.

Location: 313 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895

313@somerset is a must-visit destination during your Orchard shopping spree. Catering to various lifestyle needs, the mall features popular establishments like Muji and Smiggle. If hunger strikes, the top floor offers a sprawling Food Republic food court, and there’s a selection of eateries such as Haidilao, Marche, Masizzim, and more to satisfy your cravings.

313@Somerset stands as a conveniently located shopping mall in the heart of Singapore, directly above Somerset MRT station on the North-South Line. Explore a variety of offerings, from the highly acclaimed iced coffee at Arabica to Limited Edt, a haven for sneakerheads featuring limited edition sneakers and sports merchandise. The mall also houses popular brands like Smiggle and Zara.

Mandarin Gallery

Operating Hours: 11 AM to 10:30 PM

Address: 333A Orchard Road, Singapore

Mandarin Gallery stands out as one of Singapore’s premier shopping and dining destinations, offering a refined experience. This opulent retail hub hosts renowned fashion, jewellery, and accessory brands like Marc Jacobs, Montblanc, Galliano, and Emporio Armani, totalling over 50 stores that prioritise VIP treatment and personalised service.

From chic cafes to luxurious fine dining restaurants featuring affordable buffets and top-notch Wagyu, visitors can savour diverse culinary delights. The mall improves Orchard Road with its upscale offerings from renowned labels like Marc Jacobs and Just Cavalli in a small but elegant area.

Singapore – True Shopper’s Paradise

As we wrap up our tour of Singapore’s largest and best shopping malls, it’s evident that each location offers a distinctive and enjoyable shopping experience. From the lively Orchard Road, a haven for fashion lovers, to the tech-savvy Funan, our guide equips you with the know-how to navigate these shopping havens with ease.

If you’re attracted to the chic boutiques of Far East Plaza, the youthful vibe of 313@somerset, or the refined charm of Mandarin Gallery, Singapore’s varied malls cater to every shopper’s taste. From careful research and real user experiences, our guide not only highlights the allure of these malls but also empowers you to shop like a savvy local.

So, as you bid adieu to your shopping adventures, carry the lively “Can lah” spirit and cherish the memories of your enriching retail journey through the Lion City.