Top 15 Hidden Speakeasy Bars in Singapore: An Insider’s Guide

Singapore’s nightlife is an eclectic tapestry, woven with vibrant strands of various bars and clubs. Among these, the speakeasy bars stand out as hidden gems, offering a unique blend of secrecy, nostalgia, and innovative mixology. This guide takes you through the top 15 hidden speakeasy bars in Singapore, each with its own character, promising an unforgettable night out.

1. The Secret Haven: Atlas Bar

Tucked away in the heart of the city, Atlas Bar is a grandiose nod to the opulence of the 1920s. With its awe-inspiring selection of gins and fine champagnes, this bar transports you to a bygone era of luxury. The Art Deco interiors, coupled with meticulously crafted cocktails, make Atlas Bar a must-visit for those seeking an extraordinary speakeasy experience.

2. Operation Dagger: A Subterranean Enigma

Descending into Operation Dagger is like entering an alchemist’s lair. This award-winning speakeasy is renowned for its avant-garde approach to mixology, featuring house-made infusions and unconventional ingredients. The minimalist, underground setting provides the perfect backdrop for a night of experimental indulgence.

3. The Other Room: Prohibition-Era Indulgence

The Other Room redefines the Prohibition-era speakeasy with its innovative concept and personalised service. Each cocktail is a masterpiece, crafted with house-blended spirits and unique flavour profiles. The intimate atmosphere and attentive bartenders ensure a bespoke drinking experience tailored to your preferences.

4. Gibson Bar: A Journey of Discovery

Gibson Bar offers an exploratory cocktail experience in a cozy, sophisticated setting. Their signature Gibson cocktail is a must-try, along with a curated selection of rare spirits and inventive concoctions. The bar’s warm ambiance and friendly staff make it a welcoming retreat for connoisseurs and curious visitors alike.

5. 28 HongKong Street: Unassuming Elegance

Behind an unmarked door lies 28 HongKong Street, a pioneer among Singapore’s speakeasy bars. Known for its classic American-style cocktails, impeccable service, and chic, laid-back vibe, this bar has garnered international acclaim. It’s the perfect spot for those who appreciate understated sophistication and expertly crafted drinks.

6. Jigger & Pony: Celebrating Cocktail Culture

Jigger & Pony is a testament to the art of cocktail-making, consistently ranked among Asia’s best bars. The atmosphere is vibrant yet relaxed, with a focus on high-quality ingredients and innovative recipes. Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or just looking for a memorable night out, Jigger & Pony delivers excellence in every glass.

7. The Library: A Mysterious Literary Retreat

With a password required for entry, The Library is the epitome of a speakeasy bar. This secretive spot surprises its patrons with a quirky, eclectic decor and a creative cocktail menu inspired by literary works. The ever-changing themes and secretive ambiance make every visit a novel experience.

8. Native: Locally Inspired Libations

Native stands out for its commitment to regional produce and traditional techniques. The bar showcases locally sourced ingredients and spirits, creating innovative drinks that tell a story of heritage and place. The intimate setting and passionate staff offer an insightful journey into Singapore’s local flavours and craftsmanship.

9. No Sleep Club: A Haven for Night Owls

Blending cafe culture with cocktail artistry, No Sleep Club offers a lively ambiance where creativity knows no bounds. The bar’s inventive menu, friendly vibe, and chic industrial decor make it a favourite among those who seek a modern twist on the speakeasy experience.

10. Tippling Club: A Gastronomic Adventure

Tippling Club pairs avant-garde mixology with modern gastronomy, offering an immersive sensory experience. The innovative cocktails and exquisite tasting menus are designed to challenge and delight, making it a destination for adventurous palates and curious minds.

11. Smoke & Mirrors: Illusions and Elixirs

Perched atop the National Gallery, Smoke & Mirrors is known for its breathtaking views and equally impressive cocktails. The bar’s inventive creations and artistic presentations blur the line between art and mixology, providing a mesmerising experience that captivates all your senses.

12. D.Bespoke: A Slice of Ginza in Singapore

D.Bespoke brings the meticulous craftsmanship of a Ginza-style bar to Singapore’s shores. With an emphasis on bespoke service and classic cocktails, this intimate bar offers a refined, personalised experience that echoes the sophistication of Tokyo’s famed cocktail lounges.

13. Skinny’s Lounge: Relaxed Revelry

Offering a laid-back, no-frills atmosphere, Skinny’s Lounge is the perfect spot for those who want to kick back and enjoy a good drink. Known for its karaoke nights and unpretentious vibe, it’s a place where you can let your hair down and enjoy the simple pleasures of a well-made cocktail.

14. The Spiffy Dapper: A Quirky Cocktail Haven

Located in the bustling Boat Quay area, The Spiffy Dapper exudes a charm that’s hard to resist. This bar serves up whimsical drinks with a side of irreverence, making every visit an unpredictable adventure steeped in the spirit of the Prohibition era.

15. Employees Only: New York Flair with a Local Twist

This Singapore outpost of the renowned New York speakeasy brings a slice of the Big Apple’s nightlife to the Lion City. With its potent concoctions, psychic readings, and pulsating energy, Employees Only is a beacon for party-goers seeking a night of unabashed fun and exceptional cocktails.

In conclusion, Singapore’s speakeasy scene is a vibrant tapestry that combines history, innovation, and a deep love for the art of mixology. Each hidden bar on this list offers a unique escape into a world of flavours, stories, and experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a resident or a traveller, exploring these speakeasies promises a foray into the heart of Singapore’s spirited nightlife.