Top 19 Yoga Studios and Classes in Singapore

Improve your balance, stamina, flexibility, and endurance with great yoga classes in Singapore. Take deep breaths, meditate, and unwind. Finding the perfect yoga spot makes this all much simpler, amidst the many options available. For those seeking peace, don’t worry: we’ve found the way to enlightenment. Here’s a guide to help you choose from the yoga spots in Singapore.

Yoga in Singapore: Top Picks for Yoga Studios and Classes

Jal Yoga

They mix yoga, pilates, and barre in one place. Jal Yoga has a class for everyone. Whether you want to advance in yoga or need some pain relief, they can help. You can choose classes based on how challenging you want them. They even offer yoga with infrared heat, which means less risk of getting too hot.


If you’re too busy for a workout, try Athleaders’ yoga at home. You can do it in your living room or anywhere you like. They offer private yoga tailored to what you need, like improving flexibility or reducing stress. They even have a nutrition coach and a manager to track your progress. And you can try other things like pilates and personal training too. Right now, they’re offering a free chat and half off your first custom class until the end of December 2024.

Sweatbox Yoga

As the name suggests, they specialise in hot yoga. Sweatbox Yoga classes are good for everyone, no matter your level or health. The teachers are super friendly and make sure you don’t hurt yourself. They also have a class called Inferno Hot Pilates that sounds intense. And if hot yoga isn’t your thing, they have regular yoga and classes for kids and expecting moms.

Hom Yoga

For a refreshing workout, try Hom Yoga’s hot yoga. Their locations are convenient for those with busy schedules. The workouts are a mix of flowing movements and set poses. They offer different types of classes, including ones for moms and their babies.

On Good Ground

This local studio is welcoming to both newbies and seasoned yogis. The founders of On Good Ground are passionate about yoga and barre, offering classes from basics to more active barre sessions.

Freedom Yoga

Yoga is more than just breathing and stretching; it’s a way of life. Freedom Yoga offers a cool, relaxing place to practise. After class, you can chill and make friends in their comfy lounge area. They have a variety of classes, including some for beginners.

OhmSantih Yoga

This OhmSantih Yoga offers small, personalised classes. Whether you’re looking to perfect a pose or challenge yourself, they’ve got you covered. They offer different courses, including ashtanga and prenatal yoga, and even teacher training.

Pure Yoga

Ideal for working professionals, Pure Yoga has convenient locations. They offer a peaceful break from work with spacious studios, fancy showers, and freebies like Wi-Fi and charging ports. They have a wide range of classes to choose from.

Yoga Mala

Nestled in the city, Yoga Mala is a quiet spot for a cozy class. It’s simpler than big studios but offers a personal touch with small class sizes. Start your workday right with a calming morning session.

Platinum Yoga

They believe yoga is for everyone. This studio welcomes all ages and fitness levels. Pick from various yoga styles and improve your body’s health.

Tirisula Yoga

This place means business when it comes to yoga. It’s for those who want to dive deep into their practice. The experienced teachers focus on improving your posture, flexibility, and breathing.


Explore more than just yoga poses at Yoga+. They offer classes to help you relax or energise, with a focus on building strength in your upper body and core.

Yoga Movement

This studio is affordable and has everything you need for a great workout. Their starter classes are a bargain, and the environment is stylish and welcoming.

Ziva Yoga

Ziva Yoga goes back to basics, focusing on your inner health. They offer a variety of classes, including beginner-friendly options.

Yoga Inc.

Great for beginners, Yoga Inc. offers classes to help you learn the basics. They also have sessions focused on strength, alignment, core, and gentle stretches.

Yoga Lab by Lab Studios

If you’re new and feeling a bit intimidated, Yoga Lab is welcoming and affordable. They even have YoBarre, a mix of yoga and barre for fans of both.

Shiva Yoga Studio

This studio offers classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced. They focus on helping you find the right class for your needs and guiding you through your practice.

The Yoga Mandala

Known for its friendly instructors, this studio offers a range of classes suitable for any fitness level, in a calming, light-filled space.

Jyan Yoga

Interested in trying acroyoga? Jyan Yoga Studio is the place to start. They blend acrobatics with yoga for a unique experience that also builds strength, flexibility, and balance.

Now, you’re all set to explore the yoga scene in Singapore!