Top 6 Escape Room Experience in Singapore – Ultimate Adventure Awaits

Escape rooms in Singapore are filled with mystery, secrets, and even time travel adventures. Think you know your friends and family well? Try solving puzzles in a small room together to really bond. Skip the late-night snacks and movies for a change. Dive into an escape room for a cool challenge. You’ll face interesting stories, tons of puzzles, tricky hints, and the pressure of time. Don’t wait, the clock is already ticking!

Top Escape Rooms in Singapore

Xcape Singapore

Xcape is the largest escape room in Singapore, covering 6,000 square feet with 42 game rooms. It’s perfect for testing your smarts in different settings. Choose from themes like stopping zombies, escaping a crazy island, or solving a murder. If you like scary movies, try the spooky Annabelle adventure.

The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist customises games to fit what you like. Escape a scary jail, join a ninja team, or solve a mystery. The games vary in scariness, toughness, light level, and how physical they are, making it easy to pick the right one.

Virtual Room

The Virtual Room offers 3D team games that take you through virtual worlds. Work with your team to solve puzzles and celebrate your wins. They have cool themes like ancient Egypt and fighting zombies in a secret base. They tell you how hard the game is, how long it lasts, what kind it is, and how many can play.


Escape from Lockdown by finding clues and solving riddles. It’s fun for everyone and pops up at Ignite Spaces. You get an hour to enjoy the escape game, alone or with friends.

Ready for an escape room adventure?

Lost SG

Lost SG has escape games with themes like a creepy forest in Japan and a haunted tomb. You have 60 minutes to solve tough clues and puzzles to get out. Pay attention to the cool tech and music that make the game feel real. Try games like Alcatraz, Exodus, and more.

Captivate Escape Rooms

Captivate is great for team work and solving mysteries. Choose a room and dive into stories like Labyrinth, Wednesday Addams, and Murder on the Singapore Express. Face challenges like missing mythical creatures, crime scenes, and alien adventures.

See if you can escape fast from these fun rooms in Singapore!