10 Top Board Game Cafe or Shop in Singapore

The Best Board Game Cafes or in Singapore

Board games in Singapore have come a long way since the days of Snakes and Ladders and Ludo. Nowadays, there is a thriving community of board games in Singapore looking for more strategic and complex games to test their skills. Plus, board games make for great social activities, allowing people to bond and have fun together.

Board game cafes, in particular, have become popular hangout spots, featuring hundreds of different games to play over food and drinks. It’s a great way to try out new tabletop games risk-free before deciding whether to add them to your collection.

We’ve rounded up some of the best board games in Singapore cafes and shops below to check out. Whether you’re a hardcore tabletop gamer or just looking for something fun to do with friends, there’s sure to be an option that fits.

List of 10 Best Board Game Cafes in Singapore

Here is our list of the top 10 Board game cafes in Singapore and shops:

The Mind Cafe

The Mind Cafe

Home to over 800 board games spanning enduring classics like Monopoly and Jenga to modern hits like Warhammer and Deception, The Mind Cafe lives up to its name.

Cosy nooks, plush sofas, and an all-day menu of snacks and drinks make this an easy place to spend hours with friendly game masters always ready to teach rules and guide you through more obscure titles in their vast collection. As self-styled gaming experts since 2005, they also offer tailored game show events for corporate team building or private gatherings.

Address 30 Prinsep St, #01-01, Singapore 188647
Website The Mind Cafe
Contact +65 8482 4533
Opening Hours Mon-Tue 11 am-11 pm; Wed-Thu & Sun 11 am-2 am; Fri-Sat 11 am-6 am

Settlers Cafe

Settlers Cafe

Widely credited for pioneering the board gaming cafe concept in Singapore since 2003, Settlers Cafe features an unrivalled library brimming with over 600 games ready for the picking.

From enduring family classics to niche adult strategy titles, their meticulously curated selection has something for all ages and interests. For the ultimate gaming experience, book one of their private rooms equipped with plush cushioned seats, personalised lighting, and even TV screens for gaming.

An award-winning fusion menu of Western and Asian bites sustains marathon gaming sessions at any hour, alongside free-flow non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage packages tailor-made for players. It is Open 24/7 with different peaks catering to evening gaming crowds vs late-night weekend revellers

Address Serangoon Rd, 562, Singapore 218178
Website Settlers.sg
Contact +65 8045 8000
Opening Hours Daily 24 hours

Play Nation

Catering especially for unpredictable moods, Play Nation fills an important niche for both traditional analog board games as well as modern digital gaming.

With outlets across Singapore, locations boast funky youthful decors to go along with an eclectic mix spanning everything from party games like Secret Hitler and Exploding Kittens to virtual racing simulator stations and the latest console game releases.

Their affordable board game in Singapore package starts at $6.50 per hour while highly sought-after console stations like the Mario Kart setup come in at $7.90 per hour. Groups can customise their experience by switching back and forth between the two gaming formats available on-site. Free-flow snacks alongside a comprehensive cafe menu filled with hearty meals, desserts, and drinks make marathon sessions a breeze.

Address 58 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188686
Website Play Nation
Contact +65 6336 9578
Opening Hours Mon-Thu noon-11 pm; Fri noon-2 am; Sat 2 pm-3 am; Sun 2 pm-11 pm

Kommune @ 82Soho

Kommune @ 82Soho

This multi-space spanning 20,000 sq feet features Kommune Cafe which dedicates an entire section to board games alongside a laidback bistro menu amidst an eclectic setting filled with hanging plants, graffiti walls, and accents reminiscent of Bali.

By day, gather here for a game over brunch with friends before continuing next door to Tigress, its sister establishment that transforms into a hip bar by dusk while still providing shelves full of board games to keep the fun going late into the night. Signature cocktails specially crafted to complement intense gaming sessions also come highly recommended.

Address Orchardgateway, 277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858 | Unit 03–17 & 03-18
Website Kommune @ 82Soho
Contact +65 81120480

+65 91896975(5) 9189 6975(65) 9189 697565)189 6975

Opening Hours[Kommune] Sun to Thu:11:30am-11:30 pm

Fri & Sat: 11:30 am-1 am

Opening Hours [Tigress] Mon to Fri: 12 pm-10:30 pm, Sat & Sun: 11 am-10:30 pm

BG Monsters Cafe

BG Monsters Cafe

Have young kids at home clamoured to participate in board game in Singapore nights with their parents or older siblings? BG Monsters Cafe solves that dilemma with its family-friendly catalogue for junior players.

Housing over 300 children’s board games along with beginner-friendly adult titles, brightly coloured walls coupled with playful furniture like miniature tables and stools create a welcoming atmosphere for players of all ages.

Friendly staff well-versed in making recommendations for suitable games based on group preferences. They also provide guidance explaining rules to newbies unfamiliar with game mechanics. With rates starting at an affordable $5.90 per hour of play, the whole family can enjoy screen-free bonding time here.

Address 61 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-03, Singapore 169368
Website BG Monsters Cafe
Opening Hours Mon: Closed, Tue to Thurs: 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Fri to Sat: 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Sun: 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

King And The Pawn

King And The Pawn

Tucked away along hipster haven Purvis Street, King And The Pawn stylistically brings board games out of dingy basements into 300+ chic digs spread over two floors.

Games here span easygoing, family-friendly selections for weekend brunch crowds to intense strategy boards better enjoyed over bar bites and a pint (or two) of craft beer from their star attractions like the 8-tap draught selection.

In line with their motto to suit gaming for each group dynamic, titles are conveniently sorted by difficulty levels marked newbie-friendly up to hardcore enthusiast material.

Address 24 Purvis St, Level 2 Singapore 188601
Website King and the Pawn
Contact +65 62591913
Opening Hours Tue-Thu 5.30 pm-11.30 pm; Fri 5.30 pm-2 am; Sat 11 am-2 am; Sun 11 am-10 pm

Basecamp Cafe

Basecamp Cafe

Strategically located a stone’s throw from Simei MRT station, Basecamp Cafe styles itself as an inclusive neighbourhood space for students and youths united by a shared passion for good ol’ tabletop gaming.

Housing over 300 modern board games encompassing party titles like Exploding Kittens as well as dedicated roleplaying adventures, its understated casual vibe coupled with passionate resident “game guides” on hand to explain rules makes it less intimidating for newbies just getting initiated into this addictive hobby.

Regulars flock here for the community spirit, allowing like-minded gamers to geek out over favourite games or discover new ones together.

Address 30 Simei Street 3 #01-08 Simei MRT Singapore 529888
Website Basecamp Cafe
Opening Hours Mon to Sun: 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Battle Bunker

Battle Bunker

Touted as one of Singapore’s largest brick-and-mortar gaming destinations, Battle Bunker at Bugis+ dedicates two sizeable floors to house its sprawling library catering for tabletop gaming fans of all ages and interests.

Hobbyists can pay a flat rate of $10 for unlimited access per entry to their catalogue, spanning simple party games like Ghost Blitz! to super niche collector hobby titles. Groups can also opt to rent out their private gaming rooms for 2 to 4 hours equipped with game consoles, karaoke machines, and more.

A locker system also allows regulars to conveniently store their game sets on location instead of lugging bulky boxes back and forth at every gaming meetup.

Address BUGIS+, 201 Victoria St, #03-16/17, Singapore 188067
Website Battle Bunker
Contact +65 6509 4011
Opening Hours Daily noon-10.30pm

Team Board Game

Team Board Game

Discreetly located in the Geylang neighbourhood, Team Board Game specialises in curating harder-to-find games exclusively imported from their private warehouse connections in the US at affordable prices passed down directly to consumers here.

Housing over 200 niche games not easily found elsewhere locally, their unique catalogue spanning cult favourites like Gloomhaven to indie upstarts like Unstable Unicorns makes them the go-to place for seasoned hobby players.

For $3 per hour with no additional charges, players can freely dig through their collection for hidden gems before deciding whether to splurge on their wishlist.

Address #06-07, LTC Building D 16 Arumugam Rd Singapore 409961
Contact +65 9720 6680
Website Team Board Game
Opening Hours Tue-Sat 12-9 pm, Sun 12-5 pm



Catering to the downtown Orchard crowd, Games@PI conveniently sets up stall at Midpoint Orchard offering curated selections from their menu of board games ready for walk-in players in the heart of the shopping district.

With knowledgeable staff well-versed in recommending crowd pleasers for newbies and hidden gems for seasoned enthusiasts alike, this game Mecca builds a reputation through service going the extra mile.

Their membership programme rewards loyal regulars with 5% off purchases and access to their craft corner for hobbyists who are into figurine painting or organising gaming meetups using their private play space.

Address 220 Orchard Rd, #04-01/02 Midpoint Orchard, Singapore 238852
Contact +65 6834 2607
Website Games@pi
Opening Hours Daily: 12.30 pm-9 pm

Where to Buy Board Games in Singapore

While board game cafes provide the instant gratification of ready-to-play games, building up your own collection at home lets you customise it to your tastes. Are you looking for Where to buy board games Singapore Here are some top stores for all your board games Singapore needs:

  • Toytag: As an online retailer, Toytag makes buying board games in Singapore easier than ever. Boasting over 100 card and board games in their catalogue, you’re sure to discover something that fits your tastes – whether you prefer quick-paced party games or dense strategic Euro games. Fans of Game of Thrones can buy the official board game right from their site. With free delivery in Singapore for orders above $60, Toytag eliminates the hassle of travelling to gaming stores. It’s an essential bookmark for Singapore’s board gaming community.
  • Gamesaurus Rex: It describes itself as a full-service gaming venue – not merely a store, but a vital community hub promoting tabletop gaming. Aspiring players can join their regular gaming events and tournaments to experience favourites like Settlers of Catan in a social setting. It’s also simply a welcoming space for hobbyists to hang out, paint miniatures, or test out games from their library. The engaged owner interacts directly with customers on social media, reflecting their mission to sustain Singapore’s vibrant gaming culture.
  • Battle Quarters: Despite the war-like name, Battle Quarters appeals to a diverse crowd, from war gamers looking for historical simulations to more casual gamers seeking thematic games. Their range encompasses medieval, horror, and sci-fi-themed board games, including beloved titles like Dune and Mountains of Madness. Miniature hobbyists can often be found painting their latest figurines in the store. The staff are passionate gamers themselves and happy to make recommendations if you explain what gameplay elements or themes you enjoy.
  • Games Haven: Far beyond prime city enclaves, this unassuming heartland store is a 40-minute train ride away from the CBD but well worth the pilgrimage for hobby players. Intimately run by a resident gaming family trio across two generations, Games Haven at quiet Jalan Kayu expertly champions indie board games amidst their dazzling catalogue while conducting weekly Skuddbutt tournaments – a quirky dexterity game handcrafted locally. Its earnest focus on delighting regulars rather than tourists makes it a true hidden gem for genuine players.

Visit these locations designed especially for the island’s board game elite to satisfy your passion and expand your ludic hoard to new heights! Gamers, start building up your libraries!


Board gaming provides unplugged, engaging fun for all ages – making it the perfect antidote to tedious virtual interactions. We hope our roundup of the 10 best board game cafes Singapore and shops helps connect you to a hearty community of gaming enthusiasts on our little red dot.

The thrill of friendly competition, hour-long adrenaline rushes fuelled by drinks and laughter…that’s what memories are made of. It’s time to shut off devices and reconnect with real conversations and eye smiles across these gaming tables.

See you at one of these top board game havens soon! Game on.